A level based around fields using water and quicksand.

Exit: One SMW goal and one SMB3 question orb.

Music: Dark Screamer by Demeanour Ice Creamer

Gravity Falls remix by Radix.

Change Log

v5 - Updated 21/12/2013

  • Made puzzle in portrait room optional.
  • Replaced Cyber Boo boss fight with a puzzle boss.

v4 - Updated 25/11/2013

  • Added puzzle in portrait room.
  • Replaced black tile background to reduce on file size.
  • Reduced file size of music.

v3 - Updated 01/09/2013

  • Finished secret exit, yay!
  • Like every Ghost House in SMW, the secret exit harbours a fight against Big Boo.
  • Added Big Boo boss data.
  • Prevented players from stopping the green energy balls.

v2 - Updated 18/08/2013

  • Removed the spider bot tower from the toxic room.
  • Changed all puzzle rooms so there's less random flailing about with the switches.
  • P-switch now hidden.
  • Secret exit still not finished. Please do not yet attempt secret exit.

v3 - Updated 26/10/2014

  • Removed layers to streamline loading time.
  • Removed toxic waste (lava) from boss room.
  • Altered final puzzle on main path.
  • Altered second puzzle on secret path so players don't have to go through the red fields.
  • Made the blue fields darker so the Spiderbots stand out.

v4 - Updated 02/11/2014

  • Changed music.
  • Removed toxic waste from Section 3.
  • Added extra blue field in Section 10 and Section 11.
  • Filtered Sheath out of the level.

Reviews MK II

The main route is a good level, but a few things:

  • I seriously thought the red lasers would kill you, maybe use a different colour?
  • Speaking of colour, switch to PNG files for proper transparency.

The secret route, though, is a different story, especially the boss. The secret exit completely ruined the level for me, and and turned this level from a solid approve to a reject. As it stands, I'm rejecting this level. At the very least, remove the boss, and I might change my vote to approved. -SAJewers | 22:08 ADT, October 24, 2015

I LOVED this level, From the puzzle elements to dodging spikes and everything inbetween! One complaint I have, though, is that the boss room's music is messed up. Approved once that's fixed. Duvi | 89:00 PM, November 23rd, 2015

Approved by Pyro

Approved by 8flight

Reviews EP1 - (Do not add new reviews to this section)

-Potrait room adds no gameplay, and may take forever to figure out. Completely change this room or remove it.
-Boss self kills.
-Music too generic and unfitting.

-- Septentrion Pleiades20 Dec 2013

Let me start off by saying I really like raocop. I think seeing him just being silly here and there (without spewing raomemes) is a nice touch. The Toads building the end goal is also funny, though I have to wonder if you could make them into the replacement NPC's from the first episode. Consistency is always nice, and I'm sure getting a Metool helmet onto one of those guys wouldn't be too hard.

I enjoyed the stage's theme quite a lot. The gameplay is well-done and it feels rough without being too hard. My biggest complaint would be that the final puzzle is a huge step up from previous ones. It took a while for me to get that one, partially because it can potentially shoot you and your avenues of escape are limited. I don't even really know if I did what was intended, since I didn't use the orange switch at all.

Some things look weird under the transparency effect, and the snifit replacements are very difficult to see when in the water.

Finally, I'm really not a fan of the music here. I'm not sure that the audio quality is that great, and on top of that it, again, doesn't feel very fitting. - sedron

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