Get some culture kid

"The name's Mitsurugi. Remember it!"

A silly level that I expect to end up in Zebraspace somewhere. I'd peg this as a World 4 level.

In the chaos that is the world of A2MBXT. Perhaps this moment of self-reflection can help Demo better understand what is truly going on in this ridculous game.

This level uses the infinite ammo cheat code, but I've added a disclaimer reminding players to turn it off at the end of the stage.


I wasn't a fan of this level, as it felt kinda dumb. Stuff just felt spammy, and I'm not sure how someone is supposed to figure out the secret. There's not even sources for music.

At the very least, use lua instead of a cheat code, and use lua for the filters. -SAJewers | 17:14 ADT, November 6, 2015

Rejected by Pyro

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