An SMBX remake of stage 6 of Perfect Cherry Blossom.



Iris is confused about why her onion power-up outfit has changed. She and Demo go to Yuyuko's mansion to investigate the incident.


IRIS:  Why am I dressed like this?  I'm supposed to be a ghost.

YUYUKO:  I'm the ghost in this level.  If you were a ghost too, that would be confusing.

IRIS:  If you're a ghost, why aren't you wearing a bedsheet?

YUYUKO:  All right, then.  We'll have one final duel to determine who is truly the ghost of this stage!


IRIS:  But I won the duel!  Why are you still the ghost?

YUYUKO:  That's how duels work.  Isn't it obvious that the loser would end up as the ghost?

IRIS:  ...


DEMO:  Iris, is that you?  What's wrong with your ghost outfit?

YUYUKO:  Iris?  Is she that girl I was fighting earlier?

DEMO:  Oh, she came through here?

YUYUKO:  She was upset that I took over as the ghost of the stage, so we fought over who got to continue the role.

DEMO:  Iris...lost?  I'll avenge her here!


DEMO:  Wait...Iris won?  What were we fighting for, then?

IRIS:  Hey Demo.  The food here is pretty great!

Music Credits

All music from Perfect Cherry Blossom except "Voyage 1970":

  • "Ultimate Truth" - ZUN
  • "Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life" - ZUN
  • "Voyage 1970" - ZUN (from Imperishable Night)
  • "Border of Life" -ZUN
  • "Dream of a Spring Breeze" -ZUN

Graphic Credits

Graphics/Sprites from:


-Demo's/Iris' big hitbox is reduced to 30 pixels high for this stage, but it should reset to the default values upon either dying or clearing the level. I don't think it should cause any issues for other levels since the values reset.

-Youmu can act...really strangely if you defeat her (because she is a re-sprited goopa, and the shell sprite is also used for something else). I left it in because I found it amusing, but if people would prefer that fixed, I can. This has been fixed.

-The following is mostly irelevant with the switch to a LunaDLL filter: The player has to be small to make the level work (Demo/Iris is fixed on the bottom row of the screen, jumping triggers bombs instead of allowing the player to jump).  Entering the second room while big kills the player in a bizarre way, but the player is warned and given a way to shrink, and the door is made difficult (but not impossible) to enter while big by putting an invisible block over it.  I think the forced small Demo/Iris is justified because not having to accommodate the small and large size allowed for the gameplay concept to be pushed further (especially with making the bomb system feel right), and because the bomb system lets the player avoid up to three hits anyway.  I was originally planning to put a mushroom at the end of the level so the player could gain back a hit if they were forced to lose one, but I left it out since I thought it might be unfair to give the player a guaranteed mushroom going into the next person's level.  I would be fine with putting a mushroom back in at the end if that is preferred.


July 22, 2013 - Updated some graphics: cleaned up Fatal Sin lasers and Youmu's sprite (and added Myon to Youmu's sprite), changed door graphic to Yukari gap

August 25, 2014 - replaced character block filter with LunaDLL filter

August 27, 2014 - changed controls for danmaku rooms using LunaDLL

September 2014 - removed first couple rows of bullets from first non-spell to give player more time to react

October 4, 2014 - tweaked bomb with LunaDLL (added actual invincibility so that bullets/lasers that are already past the saws can't hurt you while bombing, added screen shake to Master Spark), added MariAri graphics for the end goal

November 28, 2014 - added extra life after first spell card

December 10, 2014 - changed the player characters from Reimu/Marisa to Iris/Demo; changed story/dialog to reflect the different characters; additional power-up filtering (switches between onion/small/big) to utilize the different sprite sheets; level restores power-ups that you entered the level with to compensate for the power-up filtering in the level (but I think it restores them to the character you exit the level with, not necessarily the one who had them when entering the level); handful of other minor differences

September 21, 2015 - changed floor block graphics, some other minor graphical edits, fixed some things that appear to have broken in Lunadll, changed music files from mp3 to ogg


Approved, although barely. This felt way too hard for the wrong reasons.

I feel as if the major annoyances I has with this would be aleivated if:

  • The player hitbox was reduced. See PGE's Playable Calibrator thingy.
  • You didn't have to restart the entire thing if you died. If you check the Super Demo Blade test thingy I did up, there's some code there you could use for a shooter-style insta-respawn. Consider implementing that.

Don't get me wrong, the level is good. I just think it's too hard, and for the wrong reasons. If you fixed those 2 gripes, I'd have no problem with this level. -SAJewers | 20:27 ADT, September 25, 2015


SMBX - ASMBXT Ep.2 『kitikami-Hakugyokurō』 by kitakami -【Review Playthrough】

This was a fun level that actually captured Touhou 7 quite well. I fell ashamed that I can not long use the Palace Yuyuko Saigyouji lives in as a level any more in my own episode in SMBX, but this was great and nice use of lunadll to get an extra life and the like. I actually found the dialog funnier then it should of been as well. To bad you do not get to fight Youmu Konpaku first as you did in Stage 6 of Perfect Cherry Blossom. It is not as hard as a Tōhō is—which is a good thing—and is suiting to hear the music I enjoyed in a fitting environment, but still, I would approve of this. -MECHDRAGON777 | 19:48 CST, October 22, 2015

Approved by Willhart

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