It's a level about carrying an ear of corn through a highly toxic cavern.


Remix of Life in the Mines by MidiGuyDP on Newgrounds.

8/25/16 Update: Level is basically done now.

Lots of little level tweaks, so I'm only gonna note the big ones.

There's another section to the level with a Leek in it. Beyond the leek being there, it's another way to get a new ear of corn if you lose the first one before the midpoint. If you bring the first corn, or this new corn from the new section it will spawn near the midpoint if you die.

Sprite edits for all enemies. They all have their own "unique" way of surviving the gas.

Although the level is beatable as Sheath (it's just much harder), talking to the guy at the start will spawn character blocks if the player wishes to use them.

Level contains a few more power-ups and less cheese. Some enemy and platform layouts were made a bit easier.

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