*Flying Saucer Sound*

This is a very difficult level.

I'm serious, this is master class right here. Your patience, reflexes, management, and multi-tasking abilities will be severely tested. Best part is that the whole level's a single screen, technically.

I was hoping that this could be made the very final boss of all the episodes. I understand if it can't; I will be very disappointed though as this isn't really good for much else.

There's a fair bit of strategy involved, in that you have to focus on taking out enemies or attacking the boss at any one time, and can use the enemies to your advantage. Comments or suggestions on improving the fight are appreciated!

(The current version of the music is just for testers, I guess. There was a decent chiptune version that might serve for the release. UNLESS I could get away with just bending the pitch of the song to avoid youtube's song matcher-upper)

Version 2

-Increased the downtime of spawning enemies when you kill other enemies.

-Added in bombs as ammunition.

-Added bubbled mushroom powerups.


Killing the bigger enemies that float onscreen overtime will slow down the rate of the homing enemies when you kill one.

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