An old level I dug up and heavily retooled for Episode 2. Still adjusting the difficulty for World 2, might be too hard as is.

Change Log

  • Fifth Submission (December 18 2015)
    • Adjusted Thwomp graphic to be painfully obvious that they are, indeed, enemies
    • Removed the moving platforms and replaced with boring old non-moving platforms
    • Removed the coin snowman bit
    • Adjusted the blocks in front of the fourth Raocoin so Sheath can access it
    • Changed the layers for snow graphics - now set to no snow as the default. Testers can click to add SNOW and MORE SNOW if they would like to see the level drenched in white stuff
    • Darkened the background and adjusted its colour a tad
    • Some more visual and layout changes
    • NOTE: Fuck this level. I've come to really hate it.
  • Fourth Submission (December 07 2015)
    • Adjusted Thwomp graphic to different colour and more prominent spikes.
    • Added an additional power up
    • Removed spin jumping
    • Small layout adjustments to tone done difficulty even more, including making the key jump virtually fail-proof
    • Did not remove the foreground ice... there should not be any situation where it causes major gameplay grievances, but if others feel it's a problem, I'm prepared to remove most of them.
  • Third Submission (December 05 2015)
    • Moved key location and changed lock graphic to a chest. Still unsure of having the leek there at all, but it at least feels more interesting than the original set up.
    • Changed some of the layout. Mostly minor adjustments to make things easier or at least feel easier, even if just a smidge. One major change to make the level slightly more interesting.
    • Adjusted the Thwomp graphic to make it evident that they can still hurt you from the side. Might be too subtle.
  • Second Submission (December 04 2015)
    • Removed autoscroll
    • Made Snowmen "jump killable"
    • Removed Cat Llama (didn't interact with Thwomps properly)
    • Removed Sheath filter (she still can't get the Raocoins, but she CAN beat the level)
    • Significant layout changes. Level has been adjusted to not necessarily be easier, but feel more fair. May still need adjusting, but less significant than before.
    • Added a leek
  • First Submission (November 28 2015)
    • Two known issues:
      • Autoscroll doesn't pause when the player is hit
      • Thwomps cause damage from the side, despite appearing safe to the touch


Snowman Graphic - Ultimate Graphics Pack

Snow Effect - Ultimate Graphics Pack

Treasure Chest - Ultimate Graphics Pack? (stolen from Frolic by Mikkofier)

Background - WestonSmith (edit from Google Images)

Music - Paper Mario Stick Star - Snow Rise (Remix by MarkHestMusicBase)


No judgement yet, but reviewed with suggestions Approved - FrozenQuills


  • Autoscroll does not stop. I died because the pipe scrolled offscreen and I eventually went through the wall to my death

  • Can't do the snowman platform thingy at the end of the first half without a leaf because the the autoscroll scrolls the sandwhich platform off the screen before you're able to make the jump to the ice ice platform
  • Thwomps blend in way too well with the scenery. I almost never saw them the first time and kept taking unnecessary hits.
  • Way too hard for World 2.
  • Too many jumps in the first half that are too hard without a leaf
  • Most of the time that first powerup falls into the pit because of the ice physics means I'm too slow to reach it
  • Mess up the jump to reach the key? You're dead

  • Why can you stand on the Twomps, but also spinjump on them?
  • Need a powerup in the first screen of the second half
  • The autoscroll will just push you through blocks instead of crush you
  • It can be hard to see things that are behing ice BGOs

Fix these things and I'll try it again. -'SAJewers | 17:18 ADT, December 7, 2015'  ' Now approved. -SAJewers | 22:23 ADT, December 7, 2015

REJECT - The below are actually are really minor points, so if they're fixed, I'll gladly change my verdict.
1. I had difficulties seeing the Ice Thwomps. No idea why, but I just couldn't spot them at all. Maybe if you reverse the graphics, that might be a good idea.
2. Also, it's really visually busy. Would you mind toning down the snow a bit? For example, wherever there's a roof, don't have snow?
3. One other thing: the fourth raocoin discriminates against Sheath. Could you reposition the iceblocks so Sheath can melt them too? The entire level is playable as Sheath, so I see no reason why Sheath can't finish the raocoin run too.
4. OPTIONAL: The coin snowman's tophat? I thought it was a graphical glitch until I started poking around in the editor to see what was going on. Do you think you could make the coin snowman a little bit obvious by giving eyes, a smile and a buttons?
5. OPTIONAL: Do you think it's possible to stop the Ice Thwomps from hurting if you touch their sides? If the top doesn't hurt, I really don't see why the side should hurt either.
Ztarwuff 20:44, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Approved - Ztarwuff 14:33, December 19, 2015 (UTC)


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