This is my first level in A2XT at all! I'm planning on making at least 5 levels, 3 of which are completed, this being the third completed in total. It's a water/ice/grassland level based around a raocow quote.

Difficulty: Easy

Music: Save Room - Resident Evil Dead Aim

Newest Download: (9/27/15) (fixed music file, deleted extraneous files)


Very nice level, great atmosphere. It has this disconcerting tone to it that I like where everything feels artificial somehow. The tone fits the music very well. However I do have a few things that need to be changed before approval:

- There are a lot of instances where I exited a building and spawned right into an enemy and died.

- One of the pipes that's sitting in the water has the water box overlap with the ground which causes weird physics. In all cases the water should be half a block down, both for consistency and avoiding bugs like this.

- The water texture is more mechanically important than the iceberg background tiles and should appear in front of them as the player needs to know when they will be in water. This can be accomplished by finding a background tile that goes behind the water background and restricting it to look identical to the other iceberg background tiles. If you can't accomplish this then you should just accommodate it with level or scenery design.

- After the midpoint there is a shell kicking goopa that's shell gets stuck in a 1 block wide area, making a lot of noise.

- The green goopa that spawns in a 1 tile wide area looks really bad as it changes direction every frame.

- Why is there a pipe tile beside the first dragon coin? It's ok that it's there but it seems a bit odd.

I really like this level, Approved assuming you fix or justify the recommended changes.

- Docopoper, 22 September 2015

First off, you didn't follow the file structure guidelines. You don't need the .wld file either. Most of Docopoper's issues seem to have been fixed, which is good.  I don't see any real problems with it, though I'm not that attuned to levels like these that are easy.

Approved provided you fix the level to meet the file structure guidelines, and I get confirmation that the level music doesn't get flagged by ContentID. -SAJewers | 21:02 ADT, September 25, 2015

Video review: [Approved] -- Pyro, 24 October 2015

Dev Response

@Docopoper - Thank you for the advice! It's all been edited. Thank you for the Approval!

@SAJewers - I can be certain it isn't going to be claimed because when I still streamed on the Pile of Idiots and uploaded the stream where I made this level, the video didn't get claimed. I assume the only guideline I missed was the Music one, in which case I can easily convert it using Sony Movie Studio. If I'm incorrect about this, please provide an addendum to your post explaining whether or not another problem exists. Thank you!

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