Isn't that way too early to beat up baddies?


EDIT: 18-12-15: RockytheChao fixed some of the technical issues I didn't know how to fix: Download


A level whose concept if merely graphical. Specifically, an attempt at simulating an early morning atmosphere.
It is 5 AM


The level itself is mostly vanilla, one edited NPC excluded, thus much about it cannot be said about it. The only thing possibly worth mentioning being that the music used was the main inspiration to make a level that was completely build out of a "Wood" and "Airship" tileset. The graphical filter being only an idea that was added later.

Important Notes

The level starts and ends on a wooden structure, possibly floating on or build atop a body of water. The level uses a SMW Goal Tape as exit.


Raocow's Character Sheet is way out of date.

Why do graphics swaps for this? You could just display an overlay in Lunadll to achieve the same effect, and you wouldn't have all these graphics inconsistencies (bananasnake isn't green), would look a hell of a lot better, and would decrease the # of files, not to mention a # of graphics swaps are GIFs without included masks, which is bad form, and I've been told should be avoided.

Music has no metadata, and Can't be MP3.

Rejecting until all those changes are made. -SAJewers | 21:30 ADT, December 16, 2015

Red apparently went and did most of this for you. I'll give it another go some time. -SAJewers | 00:17 ADT, December 18, 2015

I have no idea how to fix either of those issues. -Unaniem | 14:07 CET, December 17 2015

Replayed this. It's fine now. Still a few graphical issues, and I'd prefer if you added a checkpoint before the Elevator (which IMO os probably the weak point; upwards elevator sections are hard to do well). Should also look into removing the life farm at the elevator using shells (just move the elevator floor up a tad so it goes offscreen). Otherwise Approved. We could use more of these ho-hum levels that don't try too hard to be memorable and gimmicky. -SAJewers | 18:24 ADT, December 18, 2015

This feels like style over substance the level. A lot of the difficulty is inconsistent, it's possible to die in the elevator segment due to no fault of your own, and the aesthetic of the level doesn't really make up for this. I'm going to have to reject because of all of this. Duvi | 8:10 PM, 12/17/15

Approved - FrozenQuills

Approved by Pyro

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