Where all LPers get manufactured.

Pretty straightforward level, with a bit of an interesting gimmick.


GFX is from ASMBXT's The Bronze Factory in Grayscale. Music is "Mr Walker and His Factory" from Turrican 2


Approved by Willhart

Approved by Pyro

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 08 2015)

Rejected - It's testing this level that makes me wish I could still see the Demo counter. I've lost count of how many times I died. Not sure if it's because of the lighting making me making me misjudge jump distances or what have you. I had the most difficulty with Iris. I found the extra leek rather pointless, being as it is merely a ride backwards. The stopwatch is a bizarre little addition to Section 1. Most players will take it and therefore complete that section without even encountering the light gimmick, meaning the second half will come as a surprise. It's not clear the blue line is instadeath (why is it even there?) and the door at the end of Section 1 is near impossible to see. Section 3, it's honestly odd that the lava looks like water, but I suppose the Furba generator makes it obvious that it's dangerous. However, why are the Furbas warping upwards instead of down from the pipe? That just makes no sense. Ultimately, I can see myself approving this if the door and the Furba are fixed. - Ztarwuff 11/11/2015

Rejection withdrawn. Level approved due to issues in last sentence of Ztarwuf review 11/11/2015 have been fixed. - Ztarwuff 12/11/2015

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