A simple desert level with a nice visual touch and a custom powerup over the hammer(that gets filtered when you leave the level)



Approved. A few things you'd want to change though:

  • I don't show it on video, but in the bonus room (section 3), you can get stuck there on the right hand side
  • Blargg looks messed up
  • The midpoint is messed up, as you have the wrong graphics in the wrong spots.
  • Gonna suggest maybe adding in something mentioning the mini-turnados don't hurt you.
  • I'm gonna need confirmation that your level music won't trigger ContentID.

-SAJewers | 15:52 ADT, September 29, 2015

Withholding approval until a decent amount of issues are fixed, such as: Blaarg graphic, secret room, cutoff ledges, enemy death effects, etc. Design-wise, I like this. Duvi | 1:49 AM, 11/26/15

Approved by Pyro

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