First level by Gezo24, Magma's Cove.




My first try at making a decent level for A2MBXT. It has two exits. Both are leeks. One is at the end of the level, another is in an underwater room, which requires a P switch to reach.

Some custom sprites, custom music.

Music Used

Lava Cave - Cat Planet

Atlantis - Banjo Tooie


A few major issues with this level:

  • The text box at the beginning isn't necessary
  • The music does not work
  • Did not follow the filename convention.

I'll look at this again when this gets fixed, otherwise rejecting.

  • Thank you for pointing these out, I have fixed it and hopefully everything is in place now! Gezo24

Approved With Changes. This did not follow the naming convention (username-levelname.lvl). Additionally, it is impossible to complete Screen 1 with the normal exit without the song looping. Double the length with Audacity and you should be fine. The "wait for a shell to knock down the blocks" bit is creative, but annoying to actually do. I suggest putting a couple shells around and having the generator as a backup in case the player misses. That way, if the player is skilled, they can just do it without mucking around waiting for a generator. Also, make the secret switch more clear - add a coin to indicate it or something! You NEVER want to put the player in a situation of "jumping around randomly to find something." The other big issue here that needs changing is the poor meshing of tile-sets. The ghost-house platofrms do not fit at all and must be changed. Additionally, it'd be nice to change the water-level Screen Two stone colour. Add a nice, watery filter over it with gimp or Photoshop (just add a blue tint if lazy). As it is just looks weird. The brightness totally clashes. Overall this level is very ho-hum. I see nothing that isn't fixable, but I don't think this will be one anyone remembers either. It comes acrosss as uninspired. However, it is also sound and unoffensive, so... Just make those changes and you'll be good! Horikawa Otane (talk) 06:08, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

  • Thanks for all the feedback! I took care of just about everything you hit on, it was great advice, thanks. Also made very minor edits to the level so it should hopefully be a bit nicer. -Gezo24 (talk) 20:07, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

The level itself seems to be in order and fixed up from suggestions previously mentioned. There are, however, some other issues I would fix:

  • The secret exit is impossible with either Kood or Sheath, since they can't spin jump.
  • I would maybe filter Sheath from the level, since the part with breaking the wall with shells seems impossible with her at the moment.
  • The 1up in the box right before the shell/wall section can be missed and fall into lava, causing a "Subscript 9" error and crash the game. Make it so the the 1up doesn't move, or get rid of it altogether.
  • Just a grammatical error, but there should be an apostrophe in "I'm so proud of you!".
  • Maybe add some background objects here and there, it looks especially bland at the end.

But yeah, everything else seems okay. Get some of those things fixed up and it'll most likely be moved to the Approved column.

-sturgyman 4:09 PM 8/6/2013 (MDT)

  • Alright, took care of the 1up issue; it cant fall into lava anymore. Spruced up a bit where you mentioned. Fixed the infinitely important grammar mistake. (Didn't change anything regarding Sheath, as we discussed I was able to complete it by kicking the shells with relative ease, if aimed correctly.) Thank you for pointing these out! Gezo24 (talk) 06:04, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

Alright, everything seems to be in order. WOAH! YOU'VE BEEN PROMOTED TO APPROVED! DEXTERITY +1! CHARISMA +1! AGILIITY +1!

-sturgyman 1:16 PM 8/8/2013 (MDT)

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