Originally part of the now-defunct Talking Time Princess Peach Project, ported to the now-defunct Super Talking Time Bros 3, and now submitted to A2XT Episode 2.

Initially designed as a Peach-only stage, it has been edited to be completed by anyone.

Secret Leek might feel random, thought about adding an NPC giving a vague hint but decided against it for now. There is a subtle hint if you're paying attention.

Change log

Changed music to a new, non-Nintendo track.

Moved vine block near secret leek down one space.


Nice level, though I had to look in the editor for the leek. Nothing broken from what I saw, and the level played smoothly. However, you're gonna have to swap out the Mario Party party music, as Nintendo music seems to be notorious for Content ID Issues. Approved, provided you swap out the music. -SAJewers | 21:57 ADT, October 31, 2015

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 10 2015)

Approved by Pyro

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