Melancholy Desert is the fourth level created by Joseph Staleknight for A Second Mario Bros. X Thing. It is currently in version 2.1. There are two exits, a midpoint and five Raocoins.

Level Overview

This desert has seen better days as a lush ground for a thriving empire. Now it has nothing more than a dying oasis and tons of quicksand. The player must find a better source of water, braving the many treacherous enemies and traps that lie within.

Oh, and there's a witch somewhere. Rumor has it that she used to be a princess...

(N.B. As far as the exits go, this level in an experiment in subverting people's expecations of normal and secret exits. The normal exit is only accessible by not going the expected route that leads to the path to the secret exit.)

Outside Assets and Modifications Used

  • SMB3 Sand A and B by Redigit and Valtteri
  • Warning Sign borrowed from Moosh's Episode 1 level "Castle of the World" and tweaked to stand out in a dark background.
  • Music: "Eternitybox" by Shinji Hosoe from the soundtrack for 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.


  • Version 2.1:
    • Made the end of the secret exit more fair by using a scrolling spike trap instead of the lightning strike from earlier.
    • Fixed a kaizo trap where the player could fall off the top platform at the end into the pool below.
    • Took out the Furba generators to keep the mood strong, and added more desert enemies in their place. Also added an extra beet to compensate for the new difficulty.
    • Added LunaDLL to filter out Kood (he can't get the leek exit) and reduce Sheath to being the key collector even more. Also added filters for advanced and reserve powerups and mounts.
    • Fixed a glitch where Sheath would get stuck in the wall by hitting the key with her head.
    • Made the quicksand entirely foreground.
    • Fixed a word in one Toad's dialogue.
  • Version 2.0:
    • The major issue with the previous version was the circuitous and imperfectly-implemented means of getting the key to the void on top of the temple. As such, the following changes have been implemented to alleviate the problem:
      • The key is now close to the area it needs to be taken through, meaning the green platform only leads to extra lives.
      • If the player restarts from the midpoint, talking to Granny Frags will cause an extra key to spawn.
      • The locked door has been removed. The area below now leads to a RaoCoin.
      • Finally, based on experimentation, only Sheath will be allowed to take keys for the convenience of the other characters.
    • Added some enemies to the front of the first section.
    • Tweaked the method of getting the leek to be less of a hassle.
  • Version 1.6: Amplified the creepy factor of the last section with music (see "Outside Assets and Modifications Used").
  • Version 1.5: Major overhaul of the temple. Now you don't have to babysit springboards and keys; the former's already been placed in strategic locations for you.
  • Version 1.0: First version submitted to ASMBXT Wiki.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • The player can accidentally drop their key into the void in the very last part of the key exit by pushing up against the barrier to the right.Sheath's role has made that issue meaningless.
  • Only Sheath can access the keyhole exit. This is more a case of SMBX being buggy, however.
  • The springboards do not neatly align with the moving platforms in the temple. Once again, this has something to do with SMBX.

Further Plans

  • Bug fixes and changes based on commentary.
  • DONE: Probably lengthen the timer to get to the keyhole after Granny Frags disappears then.

Reviews and Comments

Please place all reviews and comments in this section.

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