A level inspired by the White Desert in Yume Nikki.


Sheriff put together by Mikkofier, using sprites from Spriters Resource.

Musics are from Yume Nikki. Overworld, Town, "Castles", Water, Flying Boss, End.

Pictures in last castle

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Approved. Level is nice, seems easy enough, and the only glaring issue I can find is that it feels really empty, though I'm not sure if that problem is fixable. 2 things though that you do need to ffix:

  • My biggest gripe is that the lone checkpoint is really lopsided. Either move it, or add a second one using multipoints.lua.
  • Also, you missed re-spriting raocow's coins.

Raocoins wise, I tihnk they're fine, though the frelop one might take people longer than it should be to find it. Otherwise, I don't really see any major issues with this level, though I can really see this one going either way. -SAJewers | 20:48 ADT, September 25, 2015

Approved by Pyro :3

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