So, hey! This is the first of two levels I made for A2MBXT: Episode 2. This level basically consists of fire, layers, and a sort-of exploration based second half, somewhat like my level "Navel Of The Universe". Hope you all enjoy!

Difficulty: Medium-hard

Music: First half: StarTropics II - Dungeon Theme #6

       Second half: StarTropics II - Dungeon Theme #5

UPDATES: As of 11/27/14...

- I changed some things in the first half to make it a bit easier. I considered adding more power-ups in the first half but decided not to; please notify me if you think it needs some.

- All characters besides Sheath are now playable.

- I changed the second half a bit to make it easier. The last part of the second half was completely changed by removing the stupid door section (seriously, what was I thinking?).

- All skeletons in the second half now are enemies. There are no friendly NPCs, aside from one in a secret location.

As of 9/7/15...

- Minor fixes and changes to make the level better.


1. This level appears to be a Kood only level. It discriminates against every other character so much.

2. There is no music for any of the sections except Section 3, so the level keeps giving me music loading errors everytime I enter those sections.

3. The gap between the character filter blocks and the switch player block is too small. As Demo, the player is just as likely to hit the raocow switch block as he or she is to go through the gap.

4. There is effectively only one powerup per section in the entire level. That hidden second powerup does not count, because it's hidden and not every player will see that, especially if they've just completed the first section as any character other than Kood. I also did not realise there was a third hidden power up until I looked in the Level Editor and saw that secret door. Are you serious? You ask the player to do ridiculous platforming for a measley ice power up?

The main problem here is finnicky jumps combined with the fact that you don't give enough power ups and you oversaturate the level with firebars. There's a large number of jumping onto moving one-block wide platforms (which luckily only move up and down). Not to mention you've got a seriously large level here. The first section is an obstacle course, whereas the second section is an obstacle course exploratory level. These don't go together and makes the level feel unfocused.

Now, to expand on point 1. The level feels so vastly different when you play as Kood. Playing as Demo, Iris or even raocow turns this level into a one-video angrycow level. A good level should not feel so vastly different in terms of difficulty when a different character is used.

I review the level in more detail here:

- Ztarwuff 20/09/2015 17:45

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