Yet another "lights out" level. No one is sick of these yet, right?  


Custom Graphics: Light Effect - Ultimate Graphics Pack

Music: Soul On Ice - Killer7 (Capcom) combined with Thunderstorm SFX (NOTE: I've had this one posted to Youtube for almost a month now, and no Content ID issues so far)

[1]Music (Youtube)

[2]Thunderstorm (Youtube)

Sound Effects: Power Down & Boo Noise

Change Log

  • November 16 2015 (2nd Submission)
    • Fixed issue with platforms disappearing
  • November 15 2015 (1st Submission)
    • Used previous version as the base  
    • Filtered out mounts  
    • Filtered out Kood and Iris (both suffer from Big Mario Discrimination)  
    • Added custom SFX  
    • Used Lua for autoscroll  
    • Added level intro (which can be changed to match the levels world placement)  


Was all about to rage on this level, and then I realized the source of all my rage: Your moving platforms are invisible when going to the right.

Once I fixed that, I had a much better time. However:

  • For the love of god, use PNGs for transparent effects, unless you're exploiting SMBX's colour distortion with transparency
  • I feel the level needs either a powerup or a checkpoint somewhere
  • I legitimately thought there may be invisible pits in places where there were was no light. Not sure if that's fixable, but something you might want to know.

Fix the platform disappearance, and switch to PNGs, and I think you might be good to go. ---SAJewers | 21:04 ADT, November 15, 2015

Approved by Pyro

Approved - FrozenQuills

Judge Comments

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