Has a secret route with a secret exit and also a secret power-up room (not in secret route).

Custom music used

Secret power-up room

Secret Route

Reviews MK II

Approved by Willhart

Approved, with a couple changes:

  • Add in a checkpoint to the start of the secret route.
  • Remove the "no turning back" sign. maybe replace it with a visual.
  • Give slightly more time for the player to see peach in the top right corner.
  • Instead of filtering out Kood/Sheath just because of that one very small section, give them a seperate thing to to get past it. (For example, extend the midpoint platform to the left, and let Kood float past that)

Make those changes, and you're good to go. -SAJewers | 18:27 ADT, November 8, 2015

Approved by Pyro

Judging (EP1)

I approve.  Medium difficulty.  It is not easy to get into the secret exit in the legit way with Demo, though.  The secret exit may be too hard to figure out without a hint to go up a pipe, because I certainly didn't expect that.


Few things:

  • Because Peach is fully onscreen, Peach will not appear as the hint fo rthe secret.
  • Peach as a boss has already been done. See: Another Castle. It might be a good idea to use another boss.
  • Raocow can spinjump. The spinjumping section should be possible as him, so consider adding in a filter box for him
  • Would've like to see more teir 2 powerups in the level proper, but is nitpicking.
  • You spelled "Frequent" wrong in Geno's text.

Other than that, this seems OK. It's a decent'y sized cave level that looks nice and plays well. Approvnig with changes. -SAJewers | 19:08 ADT, August 23, 2013

Aproved with changes. Four and a half minutes in

The final boss fight triggered many times before I could defeat her so I had to restart a lot because of poor implimentation. I think the secret should have some idication of a warp so the player will know to press up.

And seriously, have some tier two power ups in the normal course. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 20:36, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

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