Alright, my third and final level for A2MBXT: Episode 2. This one holds true (somewhat) to a gimmick in Mario 2: key carrying. There are some issues/concerns that will be stated in the notes, however. Enjoy!

Difficulty: Hard

Music: First half: Rayman (PS1) - Peaceful Peaks

       Second half: Touhou 12 UFO - Stage 6 Theme (Fires of Hokkai)

Background: Phanto background (from Mario 2)

Notes: - I am unsure if I should put reset pipes/doors. I want there to be a consequence for losing the key, but if people deem that to be too unfair/annoying, I suppose I can put them in.

     - If someone can help me make a working Phanto sprite (it just has to move around and be invincible. It doesn't have to start moving when you pick up the key, if that's too hard/annoying to make.), it would eliminate the need to use the homing furry guy generators. I have no idea how to make that, so any help is appreciated.

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