Omelet Jungle

(For future reference, it's really not the judges' job to make the wiki page for your level.)

Author: Mandew

Exits: 1 (SMW Goal Tape)

Raocoins: None

1-Ups: A moon (3)

Restrictions: Can't normally finish as Sheath, no filter yet


Approved with changes. Nice, fun concept you got here. A reletively easy level that's short without being unmemorable. However, the level cannot be completed normally as Sheath, and so you need to filter her out at the very beginning. Also, the shell game, while technically impressive, is way too easy for the reward that you get. Maybe if you took the time to double the speed of the eggs (and half the time given to each movement event) then the difficulty would be better. Good job. Cjn14 (talk) 15:59, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Really short level for World 1, but neat concept. Here's some stuff I would change:

  • Since we're trying to please other people, you should either remove those 1st two pirahna plants at the beginning other place pipes underneath them. Since people don't really like pirahna plants that come out of the ground for some reason. 
  • I don't know if it's possible or not, but could you somehow change the egg-opening animation so it doesn't look like Yoshi's coming out of it every time? It's not that necessary but would look much better.
  • The red switch is impossible to do with Sheath, so I'd filter her out.
  • I would either reduce the reward to the end minigame, or increase the speed of the eggs in order to make the challenge harder, or give out a smaller prize. Since at the moment it's really easy, and you receive a 3up, fire flower, and leaf out of it.

But yeah, approved after some changes.

-sturgyman 7:02 PM 8/6/2013 (MDT)

I approve with changes.  An easy level.  Add a Sheath filter and you're fine in my book.  Also your folder isn't set up right.  The level should be outside the folder and the names shouldn't have spaces in them. 


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