The P.O.R.T.(S.) (also known as the Point Of Resting Time, Place Of Resolving Timelines, Portion Of Radical TimeSpace, Place Of Relative Temporal Stability, Peruse Our Rockin' TimeShares, Piece Of Raspberry Truffle and various other names) will serve as the central hub for A2XT Episode 2, accessible soon after the player begins the second world of the game.


The P.O.R.T.(S.) is a large spaceport that exists outside of linear time that acts as the primary base of operations for the Chronoton race. It will be one of the larger towns in the game, consisting of several relatively large sub-areas. Among these areas are the R.E.T.C.O.N., a Milliways-style restaurant called the Tempura Anomaly, and an old warehouse converted into the base of operations for Garish's army.

The player is first introduced to the P.O.R.T.(S.) during an event in the Glaciation Epoch's town; after the event, the player may revisit the P.O.R.T.(S.) freely through a portal in each town or by selecting the "Return to P.O.R.T.(S.)" option on the overworld pause menu.


The name P.O.R.T.(S.) is an acronym, but the Chronotons are unable to agree on what it stands for. The following is a list of proposed full names mentioned in the game:

  • Point Of Resting Time
  • Point Of Resolute Time
  • Place Of Resolving Timelines
  • Point Of Returning To
  • Place Of Reckoning, Totes
  • Portion Of Radical TimeSpace
  • Place Of Relative Temporal Stability
  • Part Of Regular Televised Serials
  • Period Of Remote Transcendence
  • Plenty Of Redundant TimeStamps
  • Players Of RTS
  • Pizza Or RigaToni
  • Peruse Our Rockin' TimeShares
  • Piece Of Raspberry Truffle


Main Deck

This is the main section of the P.O.R.T.(S.) that connects the other sub-areas. The entrances to the R.E.T.C.O.N. and Pendulum Room are next to one another.

Pendulum Room

A large dark room hidden inside a small blue phone booth, empty except for a giant pendulum swinging in the background and a portal in the center. The portal serves as the only entrance and exit of the P.O.R.T.(S.), through which the player may travel to any epoch they've unlocked or return to the most recent town they entered hub from.


Main article: RETCON (Location)

The R.E.T.C.O.N. (or Robot Erasing Time Cracks Over Night) is a massive machine that regulates the flow of time, roughly the size of a small industrial complex (and with an interior resembling one). The machine is powered by Super Leeks and features an exterior fuel chute at the ground level for convenience. Next to the chute is a large slot machine display that shows the player icons representing the new epoch they unlock after they deposit a Super Leek.

During Worlds 7 and 8 Uncle Broadsword hangs out outside of the R.E.T.C.O.N.

After the player clears the Ethereal/Olympian Epoch the game's final story level takes place within the inner workings of the R.E.T.C.O.N., accessible from a hole torn into the wall of the machine. In the postgame, this hole is covered up but the player may access the level again through an object (undecided) that appears next to it.

Grand Archive

A high-tech library that serves as the Chronoton race's primary database of research and historical records. It serves as an in-game encyclopedia with character bios, overviews of cutscenes the player has seen, summaries of previous games in the ASMT series, and other assorted information. After clearing the Subterranean Epoch, the player may access a new wing of the Archive dedicated to storing Calleoca's bad fanfiction.

Tempura Anomaly

Main article: Tempura Anomaly

A diner whose NPCs change over the course of the game.

Nietzsche Niche

A costume shop run by Mishi and the self-proclaimed "first nihilist fashion boutique in history". It opens after the player clears the Permian Epoch and sells some of the most expensive costumes in the game.

Dev Room

Main article: A2XT Developer Room

An exclusive club located [somewhere in the R.E.T.C.O.N./behind a fake wall in the Tempura Anomaly/in its' own building accessible from the Main Deck] that serves as the developer room, featuring NPCs of the game's lead developers and any other devs who don't want to be in the Tempura Anomaly. The bouncer will only let the player enter the club once they've [beaten the game/collected all cards/collected all leeks].

Garish's Palace

A run-down [shack/hangar/warehouse] Garish repurposes into his new base of his operations after the player clears the Glaciation Epoch. It includes a war room, throne room and barracks for his soldiers and generals. After clearing the Corrupted Spacetime, Uncle @sbestos can be found at the palace working as the "royal treasurer" and the player may accept a sidequest from Alabaster to get Uncle Broadsword's autograph; upon completing the sidequest the player gains access to Alabaster's room, which is filled with Broadsword memorabilia.

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