This is a level where I attempt a Pavlovian experiment on the player.

Music: "Yellow Hurts" by Generic CAW featuring Raocow (used with his permission)

Exit: One SMB3 Leek.

Also contains one secret room.

Credits: Also used the Raocow sprite from 8flight's foodland level.

18 June 2013: Replaced insta-kill moving platforms with ones that merely hurt. Kept lethal pipes.

25 July 2013: Updated graphics in level folder so the new graphics package won't break the level.

27 July 2013: Removed level from Final Submission Page. Will resubmit using the new graphics package when the new graphics package is finalised.

7 September 2013: Altered exit from Leek to SMW Goalpost. Changed graphics to match devkit as suggested by SAJewers.


Insert judging comments here.

Replayed, it's fine. Not quite sure why this was resubmitted.Moving to the Approved with Changes section as I don't see a need at all to rereview it, but you do need to change a few graphics to match changes made in the devkit regarding switch blocks. -SAJewers | 13:51 ADT, September 2, 2013

Old Judging Reviews

I approve, but is this finished?  The very end seems unfinished to me.  The setting of the blocks makes the last part pointless.  Also you exit from the jar at the end to the left for some reason.


Approved pending the following changes:

  • Use a different Pipe elbow graphic. You can go through the one you're currently using, and that's a bit misleading.
  • Fix your pipe warps, they're done incorrectly.
  • Fix the obvious blockness surrounding the blue Hut blocks and the yellow spikes that don't hurt.

-SAJewers | 21:06 ADT, July 4, 2013

-- Well, I've attempted to fix some of your concerns and have uploaded a new version. --ztarwuff

Hey, this level pretty neat. The gimmick and design work pretty well, and it isn't too hard, although there were sections I had some trouble on. One thing I'd probably change is to make the mushrooms that come out of blocks to not move, since there's one power-up that falls on a yellow pipe and dissapears. However, this fix isn't necessary as there are several power-ups in the level already. I'd say this level is approved by me!

-sturgyman 7:19 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

Actually I think this is ready for the approval column. OH SWEET PORK.

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