A level about how the physics of SMBX are kind of weird. Made by KingTwelveSixteen.

Uses the Candy Chateau music from Rayman 1.

It has two exits: the normal one uses the SMB3 inside a box thing and the secret one uses a keyhole.

Everyone can play this level.

Headline text

Accepted with changes. This level was overall good, but it seem to take a shift away from physics and more towards trickery. Near the start of the level there are some beetles which might already pass by by the time the player gets there. There is also a ninji which the player might kill that's essentail. You should consider generators for killable enemies that are essential.

The glitch wrap right before midpoint MUST be change. There is no indication of the warp, and just getting to where it is requires a very difficult glitch to pull off. It's also a pipe warp that requires a direction to be push which the player has no reason to push. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 18:22, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

Agree with the above statement. -SAJewers | 18:17 ADT, July 19, 2013

After playing this again. I'm gonna have to change my vote to reject. The gimmick of the level is based on weird things the SMBX engine does, and most of this is pointless stuff anyway, and kinda dumb. While some aspects were neat, most of those aspects should be small things in a bigger level, not one whole level.-SAJewers | 22:39 ADT, September 11, 2013

While the level itself depends on some glitches to move on through the level, there are several instances in which you'll find yourself stuck in the level and force yourself to die. While some ideas in the level are neat, there are a lot of mistakes in this level that made me not like it.

  • It's really easy to die right at the beginning if you're not expecting it. And due to the strange hitboxes/physics of ninjis, it's a tad unfair.
  • If you're not fast enough, you won't be able to get past the lava lotuses without taking a hit or two, due to it being impossible to spin jump on them without getting hit by their pollen. 
  • It's kind of unfair to have bosses inside the SMB2 plants. I know it's supposed to be a game of chance and it's wacky and stuff, but I think it should only hurt the player once and have to not worry about a boss attacking them.
  • It's really vague as to where to go with the airship piece, maybe some coins would help?
  • Speaking of vague, I was really confused as to how to get inside the 1st warp. At first I thought I had to jump over the green pipes since there was an opening up there, but that's pretty much impossible to do. I did discover the real way to do it, but one of the rules we wanted to establish for level design was to not utilized glitches in order to advance. I think an exception to the rule can be made if there was a better indication that the player must perform this glitch, but right now it's unfair.
  • Since you have no idea where to position the airship to get to the other side, you can sometimes direct the airship into the mushroom generating block (the one you glitch under). This makes it impossible for the player to get to the warp since they'll glitch through the wall but become offset with the pipe entrance and die.
  • I liked the second section, though those blue koopas are kind of placed in a mean position.
  • At the start of the third section, again, it's a bit vague as to where the player should go. But this time it's not as bad since it becomes obvious after a bit.
  • The secret exit path is way too difficult. The spike corners are really glitchy and Sheath will sometimes not bounce on the spikes. I still don't know how to get past the last corridor at the end without getting hit. And having to redo the entire level every time I mess up is not fun.
  • Sept. and SAJewers already mentioned the extreme midpoint glitch. I skipped this part. Fix it.
  • Section 6 has some really tight platforming that is slightly easier with Iris. I wouldn't know how to do this part with Sheath however. I always relied on spin jumping on ghosts to get through this section.
  • I really liked section 7, I thought it was fun. Though, the "non-underwater" portion with beached Bloopers has some unfair platforming, but nothing too difficult.

At the level's current stage, I'm going to have to reject this level. While some portions were pretty neat and creative, there are several points in the level that have issues, especially the secret exit.

-sturgyman 3:47 PM 8/7/2013 (MDT)

It's just demonstrating aspects of the SMBX engine which most people know. I liked the underwater reverse section, the section with the second section. The rest of it is just boring and random. Sorry but im going to have to reject it -8flight.

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