A short level about riding one of a large variety of strange vehicles through an area filled with enemies. Made by KingTwelveSixteen.

It's single exit uses the SMB3 ending thing.


Neat idea, but the Shyguy ride doesn't seems to work that well. See if you can fix that, then I'll approve. -SAJewers | 14:43 ADT, July 6, 2013

Review in Motion -Holy

Really, really short level. Just a basic clown car level, except that it's horizontal. The concept is great and all, but I feel the level is way too short and way too easy. I think the level itself should be lengthened, since at the moment, the level seems like bonus filler right now. I would also add some scenery here and there to make it appear less empty/flat. Approved with changes.

-sturgyman 5:31 AM 9/4/2013 (MDT)

The shyguy ride is glitchy. THe goomba ride if you touch the ground and hold down the goomba will be stuck in the ground. Fic those and ill approve -8flight

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