Rainbow Raft Ride is a difficult Puzzle/Platform level featuring a Rainbow Platform attached to a Disco Shell. Although the Disco Shell and play never interact the level uses this form of 'moving floor' in various puzzles. The shell is also lead around to distroy hazards that are in the uper rafters.

The level also features the colored switches and keeps a constant rule with how they are used. Blue & Green - Triggered by players, Pink - Triggered by Disco Shell and Yellow - Triggered by Koopa Shells Automatically tossed.

The level has been tested and seems to work with every character. Although if any major exploits are found, please let me know.


Music - Nintendo, Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road

Rainbow Raft Ride

Level Info
Author CyberSymphonics
Theme SMW Night, Switches and Floating Structures
Exits SMB 3 Star (Leek)
Additional Info
Leeks None
RaoCoins Yes
Restrictions: None





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