Raocow (not to be confused with raocow) is one of the five main playable characters in the ASMT series.


Raocow was a humble player of the video games when one day a virus infected his computer, leaving him trapped in the ASMT universe. Though this understandably freaked him out a bit, he's since come to accept that he's probably stuck in that reality for good.


Raocow's personality mostly mirrors that of his corporeal counterpart, albeit a bit more grounded: jovial as ever, but less of a talkative loon and more a mischievous, animated goofball. Like Demo and Sheath, he doesn't care much for puzzles or roundabout problem solving and is prone to reckless behavior without much thought toward the potential consequences; nonetheless, he can still be a surprising source of insight and common sense on occasion.


In addition to the usual protagonist abilities, Raocow's proficiency at platforming games has somehow translated to a keen agility that affords him above-average speed and precision, though his habit of dying at the end of levels seems to have carried over as well. As a native Québécois, Raocow is also fluent in both French and English.

Important Relationships

Demo, Iris and Sheath

With the three being characters he designed in his own world, living alongside them took Raocow some getting used to. He's since become good friends with the three, though, and often accompanies them on his adventures.






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