Few major issues here:

  • The Frogger section is way too hard, that really needs to be toned down.
  • Make the grey blocks breakable and tone down the enemies in the Arkanoid section.

The major problem I had was that the more I failed at a section, the dumber it felt. It's an OK level, but it really needs to be toned down otherwise, it begins to feel dumb and outlasts its stay. If you can fix those,  I might approve it.

Approved with Changes. This is a really creative level with a lot of really creative ideas. However, the simple recreation of the classic gaming expeirence is enough. In particular, in the frogger level, there are way too many non-frogger entities. I'd say either remove the switches or cut down on the number of projectiles. Aside from simply being too hard, it diultes the classic gaming experience and goes against your core conceit for the level. For the Arkanoid section - that's really well done! It was difficult, but doable once you understand the patterns. However, each time you fail, you have to do both previous sections. Either make it easier or add a midpoint before-hand. As the person above said (whoever it was... They didn't sign -_-;;), it'd also make sense to make the grey blocks breakable. For added authenticity also think about adding power-ups that spawn every now and again. Either lengthening the arkanoid paddle or, alternatively, adding a temporary bottom row or something. Additionally, and this is more important than you would think, go ahead and move the springboards down a bit (you can do this by altering their size to only be one pixel high) and make them invisible - make it seem like you are bouncing off the paddle itself. Again, the presence of the SMW spring-boards dilutes your level's concept. I'm not sure I'd call this level fun (at least for me. Then again, these games are well before my time so the nostalgia doesn't hit me too hard), but it's very creative and interesting and with those changes I'd love to see it in the main game. Horikawa Otane (talk) 20:27, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

I think the level has been updates more recently as the level itself is not as hard as the reviews made it out to be. While the tetris room has a bit of blind (and fast) obstacles, the room itself is pretty short and entertaining at the same time. Probably the small the thing I'd mention from this room is that the mushrooms that spawn will sometimes get trapped underneath the other blocks, the same goes for the disco shells, but this isn't really an issue. The frogger room has been made much, much easier with the addition of a mushroom generator. Akranoid was the hardest room of the bunch, since there's not really much room to dodge all the projectiles without falling off. The mushrooms that generate don't really help either, since it's easy to not be underneath them when they spawn because of the moving springboards. While it's a pretty hard room, it's fine since it comes right after the mid-point and evens out the easiness at the beginning of the level. I really, didn't find anything wrong with the level though. I'm suprised that the file size is less than 8mb with the usage of three songs, so that's cool. There's nothing really anything that will prevent approval, but there are also things that could be changed for the better. I'm going to say approved, and let you change anything you want afterwards.

So yeah, approved by me.

-sturgyman 10:51 PM 8/31/2013 (MDT)

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