Science is Demo's and Iris' oldest sibling. He is the main antagonist and final boss of Episode 1, acting as the de-facto leader of the siblings and orchestrating the theft of the super leeks.


Episode 1

Science was the Artist's first attempt at creating an ABCD and the most unstable; shortly after his creation, his body began deteriorating until a floating eyeball was all that remained. The Artist eventually gave Science a UFO body with basic communication capabilities, allowing him to ask questions to satisfy his curiosity; though Science eventually built up a sizable amount of knowledge, his primitive speech hardware was never upgraded.

When Demo and Iris were captured by the Space Master of Space, Science and the other siblings were sent out by the Artist to retrieve the sisters. At some point during this mission all of the siblings except Garish were captured by Dr. Lakutivich, and Science was kept in a glass jar in Lakutivich's lab until the timely arrival of Demo and her cohorts.

Upon being freed, Science and the other siblings tried to capture the heroes; failing to do so, Science retreated to the siblings' castle and upgraded his body; he then ordered the other siblings to search for the heroes and the super leeks in the remaining worlds, opting to confront Demo and company himself in Mantreol.

After fighting the heroes again at their castle, Science revealed the portal stabilization machine he had been maintaining with the stolen super leeks only for it to be destroyed by a rogue Pandamona. As the universe began collapsing Science led the heroes to a safe room and passed on the Sacred Turtle Dove to the only other survivor, Sheath, before seemingly being destroyed himself.

Episode 2

The status of Science and the other siblings in Ep.2 is currently being discussed; it is likely that if he does appear, he'll be a separate Science from Episode 1.



Important Relationships





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