This is a two part level with a miniboss and an final boss (Simulacra of Science and then Science himself). It is created by Septentrion Pleiades and is bullet hell/platformer genre.

Download (updated nov 26th by Docopoper)

It has one exit (SMB3 "?" goal)


IMO this feels a tad too hard. -SAJewers | 13:53 ADT, July 6, 2013

This is hard, very hard.  There are numerous reasons why this is really, really hard.  The difficulty makes it hard to enjoy.  Science looks like the top of Mother Brain when you finish Science's first form.

Reasons why I found it so hard:

It is hard to avoid and attack.

The donuts block your projectiles.

The donuts kill your projectiles and power-ups while your holding them.

Donuts kill your power-ups while the power ups are being thrown.

There are a lot of donut shooters.

Outside of the part where there are only 2 shooters openings are rare.

If you are too close to the ground you won't be able to lift the donut.

The donuts can push power-ups through the ground.

The fight is inconsistant due to them aiming straight at your current position.

I'm not sure these are changeable though.


I feel that if you rush through the boss, it isn't all that hard. You can kill the Mother Brain Science before all the other shooters show up if you're really quick. The 2nd phase you can take your time steadier, it just seems easier for me, since there are less shooters. However, if you try to take your time, or you miss a shot, it's pretty hard not to die. This is probably because the metroid shooters unsync from each other and it turns into extreme bullet hell. It does seem dumb that the shooters destroy power-ups though.

I personally had more trouble with the mini-boss, it seemed to glitchy for me and trying to jump on those buggers without getting hurt is a real pain. 

I don't know, if people think it's too hard then yeah. 

-sturgyman 3:32 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

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