Its a shell generator based level. Diffuculty is medium. And there are some potential infinite live farming spots in it but there is nothing i can do about it. New Verion June 24 i worked on the parts that sturgyman mentioned, should be good to go now ..... at least i hope so 

- The level got one exit (SMB3 Star)


See comments for sturgyman's review.

Alright! Everything seems good. Though, the starting place wasn't in the correct place though. I fixed that though and replaced the download file for ya! I think this level is Approved for the final game. --sturgyman 12:09, June 24, 2013 (MDT)

Rejected. I feel kinda bad on this one since there's obviously so much technical work, timing, and craftsmanship involved. However, it simply isn't fun. There's too many moving parts, which is okay, but you need to clear every single one in an almost pixel-perfect manner to finish the level. This sort of thing is fine in levels like Action.rar or Super Meat Boy since the penalties for failing are often a couple seconds setback, but this level is so long and the individual parts so difficult to master that you'll be set back quite a bit for even a mild failure. I'm not quite sure how you'd fix this level, other than roughly halving the length or more (and moving the midpoint), adding additional powerup generators, and removing a lot of the 'jump on the shell to get to a platform' in favour of more of the 'jump across the shells to get to a place.' The first involves a lot of waiting, which is generally un-fun, and the latter is chaotic and involves a lot of movement, which is what you want in a platformer. What's more, the first type of challenge is difficult to internalise, I find, whereas the second type feels more natural. Also, I wonder how long this sort of gimmick can carry a level? The thing is, as Holy points out, the gimmick gets boring fast. You could rewrite large sections to allow for more variety, focus the gimmick in a couple 'challenge rooms' akin to Action.rar, Odd Boss Fight, or an extended Super Meat Boy challenge, but as it is, you just get sick of the level really quickly and then the level just keeps going. This is a bad feeling. Then again, you have two judgements so far and both have been approved, so... You only really need one more approved vote, so I SUPPOSE feel free to ignore me? I just see this one destined to be one of 'those' levels - the super un-fun and unfairly challenging levels that people tend to rage against and I'd prefer to avoid that if at all possible. Horikawa Otane (talk) 16:59, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

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