Uses only Vanilla graphics and sounds.

Difficulty: very easy.

Has two exists. (SMW leek main exit, SM3 question ball secret exit)

Has 5 raocoins.

Can be beaten with any character, so no restrictions, but it acts as an automatic level with small demo/iris/kood.


Approved. Can also be completed as raocow.-SAJewers | 10:55 ADT, September 23, 2015

Accepted by Pyro

REJECTED - Actually, this is a rejection on three rather minor points, so I'll change my verdict to approve if these three fixes are applied to the level. 1: Place the leek exit in a box and against a black background so it stands out a bit more. 2: Place a small coin trail in the cloud section so players will realise there's something to the left. 3: At the very righthand side of the level, place a coin trail exactly where the player must fall in order to land safely on the moving platform. Fix these three things and I shall change my verdict to approve. Ztarwuff 11:43, November 14, 2015 (UTC)

Approved by 8flight

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