Sloppy Sands

Demo and Raocow both wanted to take a nice rest at the beach, too bad the vacations been cut short, watch out for jellyfish!


Music: Poppin Planks ~ Donkey Kong Country Returns Soundtrack

Sloppy Sands ~ Donkey Kong Country Returns Soundtrack

Bonus Room Blitz (Tropical Version) ~ Donkey Kong Country Returns Soundtrack


This level doesn't play well with most of the characters so I've made it Demo and Raocow only


This feels long. It doesn't help that there's a lot of slow swimming sections as well. That, however, doesn't detract from the level enough to reject it. Leaning towards approve with two changes:

  • Remove the sign after the secret exit, as it's superfluous
  • Fix the section in Section 3 where fish are noclipping through pipes (if you can)

-SAJewers | 19:58 ADT, June 29, 2013

Thank you for the judging. The sign has been changed and the tiles used in the area you mentioned has been  changed to be more aesthetically pleasing.

-MonkeyShrapnel | 00:48 ADT, July 04, 2013

I approve.  The normal exit is easy, but a little long.  The secret exit is hard and long as well.  There are a lot of tight swims near harmful things.  Also there's one blue fish below blue coins.  It is quite difficult to get past that fish without taking a hit while you're just big.  There's also a part in the normal level that has a lot of fish generators near the end that is difficult to get past.  Also the tight swim with the jellyfish in the cave can be problematic, especially if the player is big.  There are tricks to the other fish generators.  It's still a good level and provides a nice challange.


Pretty lengthy with a difficult secret exit. This'll probably go in ZebraWorld mind you.

Approved. -sturgyman 10:34 AM 9/16/2013 (MDT)

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