Late/Endgame Sky World level with some... quirks, I guess. Only uses default music and a free sound.

The left/right switch graphic is by ztarwuff I think.


11/11/15 - Changed wind mp3 to ogg

11/12/15 - Fixed level/folder names

11/12/15 #2 - Made a jump a bit easier, tweaked graphics

11/12/15 #3 - raocow game controllers now get nuked upon hitting a big saw, attempted to make plank surfing secret leek more clear, removed sign about blue switches

11/13/15 - Tweaked background graphics and obstacles, added mini bonus section to second half.

11/14/15 - Tweaked graphics again (probably unnoticeable), extended tiles downward to prevent flying underneath the level.

11/25/15 - Made the secret star unbreakable by mounts (so you have to do the intended method), slightly tweaked obstacles, changed switch block graphic to the one ztarwuff made.

1/1/16 - Secret exit has been extended, music was changed, a section was mirrored. This new version is in resubmitted levels but the original file on the world list is unchanged.

1/2/16 - Minor edits.


Nice level, and approveable, but a few things:

  • First off (and this is a major issue), you cn collect the Big Saws as angrycow (raocow with the hammersuit)
  • You don't need the sign telling the player about the blue switches/conveyors; that'll be part of the tutorial.
  • How are you supposed to do the Secret exit legitimately? I guess you could switch to Sheath, or bring a Catnip/Sack in from outside (or even just tank a hit), but I'm not sure if that would fly with others. If your intended solution is different, then it may be too obtuse.

Fix the first 2, and you're good to go. -SAJewers | 11:56 ADT, November 12, 2015

Approved by Pyro

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 15 2015)

Review Responses


Thanks for pointing out the big saw issue, I'll need to replace a different npc to fix that. And regarding the secret exit, you're supposed to "plank surf" like the signs tell you to using the planks in the screenshot on this page. When those hit the big saw, they will fly across the first section if you timed the conveyor correctly so that they land on the moving bridge.

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