A semi-difficult level similar to my level "Starlight Resort" from the cancelled A2MT. The resort is having a grand reopening! Find all 5 parrot coins for a secret leek at the end of the level!


A screenshot from the second half.

Notes/Stuff to Do

  • Finish NPCs.



- Finished constructing most of the second half.

- Taking the upper path in the vine section of the first half now requires the player to hit a switch near the first Parrot Coin.

- Moved the roof of the building at the beginning up a few tiles to prevent Kood/Chipmunk Raocow from bypassing the P-switch requirement for getting onto the roof.

- Added spiky plant graphics to the flower pot projectile.


- Finished constructing the level. It can now be played through normally and all five parrot coins are obtainable (though, the secret leek isn't yet).

- Added a few NPCs and the last two songs.

- Added a couple of extra obstacles in part of the second area to prevent Kood from floating over the obstacles. (They are on a layer that only appears when Kood is the player character).

- Added a hint for the fourth parrot coin.


- Added hotel interior and movie screening room, where the player can get the secret leek.

- Changed a little bit of enemy placement in the second half.


- Fixed a couple of minor NPC bugs.

- Decorated both main areas of the level with background objects.


- Added more friendly flavor NPCs, decorated hotel interior.

- Music now in OGG format.


- Blue flower enemies are no longer immune to ice.

- Made changes based on SAJewers' review:

- Changed the music in the hotel.

- Platforms and water extended 3 tiles below the screen.

- Catnip filter added (I meant to do this earlier. ^^; ).

- Music cheats removed from the level's LunaDLL.txt.


- Added some more NPCs!

Made changes based on Pyro's Review:

- Changed some enemy and block placement to make the level a little easier.

- Removed a couple of enemies.

- Added a couple of hints to make the first parrot coin easier to find (including changing the first Bellossom's wording from "Blue Switch" to "P-Switch").

- Made changes to the area with the 4th parrot coin to make it more obvious to use the P-Switch there.

- Added an arrow made of rings pointing to the midpoint cave.


- Fixed the metadata tags for the OGG files.

- Removed the green switch requirement for the magenta switch block.

Made changes based on WestonSmith's Review:

- Bully/Red Flower's death frame fixed.

- First P-Switch replaced by a resprited detonator (it's a Red P-Switch), and NPC dialogue adjusted accordingly.

- When the dragon coin tracker system is implemented, the player will no longer have to redo the first half if they got the first two parrot coins then hit the midpoint.

11/23/15 Update 2:

- Made the detonators/Red P-Switches into pseudo p-switches.

- Changed the method for checking if all 5 Parrot Coins were collected to ensure compatibility with Hoeloe's raocoin LUA.


- Objects affected by the red P-Switch are now color coded to a shade of red as a hint to their usage.

- Music added to the red P-switch.



Seaside Hill - Tileset by Carld923 on SMWC

Cerulean Bay GFX - by Epoch on the SMBX Forums (Bush Background Object)

Hachi/I-8 Sprite by Kuavera on Deviantart


Knuckles' Chaotix - Seascape (Jazz Remix) by Dizcrybe

Pokemon Colosseum/XD - Miror B's Theme ('Kappa Kaos' Remix) by DjtheSdotcom

Sonic 3 & Knuckles - File Select ('Reservations' Remix by DJ Max-E)

Raocow's Bird Song (Easter Egg for getting all 5 parrot coins).

Katamari Damacy - Last Samba (Snippet; Red P Switch Music; Been tested and shouldn't trigger Content ID)


Approved, but a few things before I can approve it:

  • You need to switch out the Super Mario Sunshine music with something else. That song will get flagged by Content ID. If you don't do this, the level will be rejected otherwise. No official Nintendo Music.

  • All your platforms and water need to be extended 3 blocks offscreen to the bottom
  • Second coin, the vine to the third floor (by the splitter plant) should have  one of the vine enemies so that Catnip can get to the third floor
  • The custom music cheat code stuff isn't necessary; we'll have a seperate system for that that won't require code for each level.
  • In the theatre, consider making the player not move.

Make those changes(especially the music one), and I can approve it. -SAJewers | 15:23 ADT, September 29, 2015

Prefect! Approved. -SAJewers | 21:29 ADT, September 30, 2015

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 22 2015)

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