This level was basically an experiment in doing silly things with SMBX. It can give the player 99 lives at the end, but asks them if it's okay first.

Notes for testing

I tried to make everything very playable, but let me know if anything seems wonky.

Download link


Everything is vanilla from A2MBXTDevKit.

Testing Mk II

This is not a level I can approve. Unfortunately I also don't have a lot of advice on what to improve as it's really the underlying premises that are problematic. I like your sense of humour and way of talking, but the nature of the gameplay challenges posed here bring about a lot of unfair deaths. When I say unfair in this context I do not mean gotcha moments, I mean that the deaths arise from counterintuitive and nebulous engine interactions. Controlling the ghost net may be something you can get good at, but since the engine reacts poorly to the movements, the level becomes a game of the player versus the engine. The level also lacks embellishment, but is at least not an eyesore.

Since the task of fixing this level requires fundamental design changes I am going to have to reject this level. I can tell your are a creative level designer with a lot of potential, but I feel like you need to take a page out of raocow's book and try designing levels that are experiences for a while. This process has worked out very well for raocow as it forced him to design levels without using crazily hard gimmicks, and in his more recent work you can see that he has gained a lot of skill in the other important areas of level design. [Rejected] - Docopoper, 23rd September 2015

VIDEO REVIEW: [Rejected] - Pyro, 23rd September 2015

Testing (EP1)

- Unfair section with crushing blocks not visible
- Lazily filling in sections with no purpose that might be confusing for player.
- Interesting concept. Septentrion (talk) 06:39, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

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