The Tempura Anomaly is a diner located in the P.O.R.T.(S.).


The Tempura Anomaly has similar metaphysical properties to Milliways from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy franchise; the diner's customers originate from throughout time and space. As such, the customers at the Tempura Anomaly range from future versions of the player characters to characters from previous ASMT games, cameos from games raocow has played and developers that don't want to be in the dev room.

Aside from the staff and some regular customers, the NPCs featured in the diner change at certain points in the story (indicated by the current "daily special" written on the chalkboard behind the bar). After beating the game, the player will be able to order any of the previous specials from a menu to restore the NPCs from that point in the game.

The Tempura Anomaly also features a jukebox with a basic sound test feature, allowing players to change the background music.


Each table in the diner acts as a single NPC, with the resulting dialogue being a conversation between the customers seated there. They may address the player character or just talk among themselves.

The following chart details the different daily specials and the customers present for each special:

Special Unlocked Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sardine Sundae from the start
Bananasnake BBQ reach the W3 town Uncle Broadsword (from between Worlds 3 and 6)
Rock Candy Apple reach the W4 town
Seafood Stirfry reach the first W5 town
Fois Gras reach the W6 town
Soylent Teal reach the W7 town
Cumulocakes reach the W8 town (Poorly) disguised future versions of Demo and Iris: give the player words of encouragement for the final battle and argue over the effectiveness of their disguises
"Reality's Still Here" Cocktail beat the final boss Uncle Denmark; apologizes for "the whole apocalyptic evil plot thing" and hopes it's all "water under the bridge"
Staff and regular customers N/A Bartender/owner guy: a chronoton with a crab hat Science (as a disgruntled waiter) Pily A chronoton mentioning the installation of a salad bar being delayed due to the bubble machine being broken (Ep. 1 reference)

A list of characters who have been suggested but not approved:

  • Pauleen (Ep. 1; "Apocalypse time! ...oh, wait, there aren't any clouds. Never mind.")
  • The Key Boss' Minion (Ep. 1, video 32 of rao's playthrough)
  • Con (ASMT)
  • Wademo and Wairis
  • Baron Magnum
  • Jerry and Claire from Distorted Travesty (with amnesia, implied to have somehow been rescued from the end of DT3)
  • Radd, Sheena and Bogey (Kid Radd)
  • Billy Blaze (Commander Keen)

Special Events

Occasionally the player may encounter a special event at the Tempura Anomaly. Some of these will occur when the computer's system clock is set to a certain date while others have a random chance of activating every time the player enters the P.O.R.T.(S.)

Special events are indicated by different background music and other unique aesthetic details as well as different dialogue for some of the regular NPCs. The event lasts until the player leaves, after which the diner will revert to its' normal state and the same event can no longer occur on the current save file, but the event's music will be unlocked for the jukebox the next time the player can use it.

Event Condition Music Visual effects and other details
Birthday Play as specific characters on certain days Initially silence, then a goofy polka remix of Demo Dance Upon entering the room as the right character, a short cutscene will begin with the lights will be out and no music playing. A moment later the lights switch on and every NPC shouts "SURPRISE!" or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" After some confetti and fanfare, the player regains control and the music starts playing.

The event can be triggered once for each character but no additional music is unlocked. The dates for Demo, Iris and Kood correspond to the release of their respective games whereas the day for raocow is the real rao's birthday and Sheath's is the day of the first ATXS strip.

Disco Friday Random Disco remix of Demo Dance A disco ball lighting effect is applied.
Karaoke Night Random genericCaw song (to be decided) The screen is slightly darkened. A microphone is set up in the background with a random NPC behind it.
Open Mic Night Random No music The screen is slightly darkened and the mic is set up like during Karaeoke Night but Tam is at the mic doing a comedy routine consisting solely of groanworthy puns. One of the customers complains about the lack of a salad bar to get tomatoes from and asks the player to shut Tam up somehow. If the player uses the jukebox Tam will get offended and start shouting his jokes over the music until the player stops the jukebox. After using the jukebox, the customer will thank the player for the attempt and give them a bundle of raocoins.
Malfunctioning Jukebox Random The Salt and Pepper Diner playlist The bartender mentions that the jukebox is currently out of order. This will play on repeat with one instance of this after the seventh loop.  If the player attempts to use the jukebox, they will be prompted to kick it;  doing so fixes it.