I Went and fixed this old one up. - SAJewers


I approve with a change.  Easy level.  What bugs me the most is the invisible blocks that you need stone to see.  I think it is bound to kill the player once.  Maybe introduce the invisible blocks in a less lethal spot.  This doesn't need to be changed, but it still bothers me that you have ungettable without dying coins.  If other judges fully approve this level I guess it's fine without changes, but I have stated my opinion.


One thing that really irritated me about this level is that it never seems to full capture one theme and stick to it. I really liked the 1st half of the level, the neat graphical change along with the music was excellent. It was great until the level split off into two separate paths. I don't think the level should stray away from the graphic change and the idea of Demo "falling" into the level. Instead, there are suddenly two random mini-levels with entirely different themes and music. The intro also has two rooms with entirely different music. The Mid-point? Different music. I would definitely try to stick to, at max, two themes: One for the outside part of the level, and the other for the monochrome part. Is it possible for you to change each mini-level into something similar to the black and white? Because that would be awesome. 

The black and white section, as I've said, is pretty great. The only thing I would change is that random Yoshi jump you make. It just seems out of place.

The lava section has some issues. First, the invisible cement blocks. It isn't very obvious you need to turn into a statue on your first run, since there's a platform there. I died here once because of that, so that's a bit of a cheap spot. Second, the section maintains two paths, the top and bottom. However, near the end, the bottom path is suddenly blocked for some strange reason and just leads to a 1-up (which is not really worth it if you ask me). It just seems like sloppy design at the end here (especially with that blind jump at the very end) and I would redo most of it. Also, there is a strange variety of blocks here: Desert, castle, brick, and cave. I would stick to one or two. Finally, for some strange reason the submarines are particularly glitchy in this area. I have no idea why though.

The other section (left), just appears out of nowhere. There's some partially difficult platforming but nothing too hard. One thing that bugs me is that first invisible block you have to find in order to make that 1st jump. It wasn't until I discovered it in the editor that I realized that was the correct way to make that jump. I'd make an indication of it being there since at the moment one won't realize it's there. There are also some strange black npcs that appear here and only here, just a bit out of place. Also, same with the lava room, there's a strange variety of blocks. I would get rid of the SMW castle blocks and replace it with the SMB 1 tile set, or vice-versa. I also find it strange that taking a different path will lead to a different exit, strange if you ask me.

I would say rejected, but that 1st section is pretty awesome. It's just the mini-sections that I would revise in or for my approval. So yeah, approved after level changes.

(Also, what's with the red coins placed on top of spikes? They don't do anything particularly special do they?) 

-sturgyman 4:59 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)                 

Agreeing with what the other judges said: If the entire thing was the monochrome setup, you'd be good. Also, you're gonna need to change of your custom graphics to match the new graphics we've done up. Approved with changes. -SAJewers | 13:39 ADT, July 20, 2013                                   

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