third level made by Unaniem, isn't that amazing, kids?


23-03-14: Youtube is dumb: Download


People will call me a total hypocrite for this level.

"Unaniem tries to create a difficult level" is a possible alternative title for this level, and he tries to do so by stuffing the entire map with NPCs.

The key to solving it, to me, is not rushing forward, but instead analysing the newly reached areas and taking out enemy by enemy using shells and the likes. The level isn't all that long without the boss section, so I doubt this will pose too great of a problem. (This doesn't go up for the skull raft section of course, which is just "hurry but don't go too fast or you'll bump into something" gameplay.)

The Descent


The level went through some funky development stages. The first concept being just "go down hole and eventually find a leek", to "get send down hole by insignificant critter", to "get send down hole by insignificant critter who eventually ends up being the boss", to "get send down hole by insignificant critter who actually has a crappy backstory for wanting to kill you", and finally to "get send down hole by insignificant critter who actually has a crappy backstory for wanting to kill you but isn't a threat at all".

It led to the creation of McGuffin, a Golden Hare critter who was apparently somewhere during ASMBXT but never showed up, and now he's here to get revenge for killing his boss.

Just for safety's sake, in case it wasn't obvious; the plot is not an aspect I truly put a significant amount of effort into.

The final phase of the boss used different background music in the initial "realese", but that file was fucking huge and jacked up the total filesize to 18MB, so I scrapped that part and replaced it with some generic Mother Brain music instead. Jump some time into the future, and this entire aspect was removed entirely, together with the original boss.

Important Notes

The level features one exit, directly available after defeating McGuffin.

The level starts above ground in a somewhat generic grassland level and ends miles underground, but with a potential exit to the surface visible.

The level uses a SMB3 exit star.

Judging 2.0: Electric Boogaloo

Approved. Really, quite a fun level without the boss, and I'm glad you ended up taking out the boss rather than scrapping the level altogether, because there are some truly nice challenges in here. There is a typo you need to fix in the McGuffin battle intro: "But enough laughing, you probably wonder why I've send all the way down here." should be something like "But enough laughing, you're probably wondering why I've sent you all the way down here." Other than that, I approve. -Cjn14 (talk) 19:59, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

I guess it's ok, but I really don't like the story of the level at all. Run this through the Plot guys and see if its ok, just to make sure. -SAJewers | 21:09 ADT, July 16, 2013

You could try to make the dialouge more natural.A couple of conversations start too soon. Try using delayed event. Also, that love frog beneath the NPC is a bit much. 51 minutes in. Approved. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 19:35, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

Previous Judging

I reject.  A hard level.  I reject for a mix of reasons.  Fix at least a few of them and I may change my mind.

1:You have a midpoint post but no midpoint.

2:The boss is tedious.

3:The shell wall on the path where you don't take the skull raft is tedious and too hard unless you flip a rainbow shell with a cape.

4:You have a lot of plants that don't come out of pipes.  I've heard that this is not a good idea.


Didn't test the difficulty (ran through it quickly with God Mode. The boss is too long and tedious. Honestly, If it didn't have a boss, the level would be fine. Witholding a vote at the current time. -SAJewers | 19:42 ADT, July 7, 2013

Rejected until the boss is taken out/SEVERELY modified. I played the new version of your level, so I'm not so sure if you edited the boss at all to fix the complaints of the judges; still, the boss was tedious, long and buggy. I found that if you just bring McGuffin over to the wall on either side of the boss arena, you can get to the next "phase" without going all the way back down to the lava pit. And honestly, throwing him in the lava pit (which I assume is the regular solution) is a bad idea anyway, because about 50% of the time I tried doing that, McGuffin would hit the ceiling above the platform Demo was standing on and turn around, making Demo get hit. Even when I was cheesing my way through the boss, I couldn't stay interested enough to finish the final phase because the koopa generators made the boss unreasonably claustrophobic. I say take out the boss entirely. If you want to have McGuffin as a plot point, just have him pop up at the end of a real level, acting all tough, and have the player throw him into a pit of lava. Once. Just once. Also, the player has really not much reason to go for the non-Skullraft path, so maybe you should block off the alternate path, and have the pipe at the end of the Skullraft-path lead to the beginning of the alternate path? Just an idea. Cjn14 (talk) 13:58, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

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