This level is intended for the postgame of episode 2 or 3. It is a continuation of Luna Tower, expanding on Luna's story. The premise is Dante's Inferno, with one section for each of Dante's circles. It contains one leek at the standard exit, and also features a secret exit with a keyhole.

NOTE: If enough people find the secret exit to be problematic, I can happily move the entrance.



The Gate of Nine - Written and arranged by Hoeloe

Luna's Descent - Written by Kil, arranged by Hoeloe

Chained - Written by Kil, arranged by Hoeloe

The Hammer of Time - Written by Kil, arranged by Hoeloe


Custom graphics were either made by me, or taken from the assets of Luna Tower (ASMBXT stage).

Download Link


Extra Info on the Story Within the Level

Otherwise known as unintelligible fluff. This is just the storyline I had in mind when I made this level, and hopefully it doesn't sound as awful in game (I suggest playing the level before reading this). I doubt anyone will care enough to read this, but I thought it best to put down somewhere, just in case.

So, as I mentioned, this level expands the story of Luna's story beyond Luna Tower. The story it does tell is somewhat cryptic in the way it tells it, so I'll try and explain in more plain terms what the level attempts to express.

There are a couple of elements of Luna Tower that this level tackles. Those include the erasing of the Lunarians from history (as mentioned by Luna's tombstone towards the end of the secret exit) and, from the same text box, the "delivering from God's paradox", as she puts it.

The story told in The Descent of Nine is about Luna's defiance of God's rule. She builds her tower (Luna Tower) as a fortress to challenge him, and, to find a way to free her people from his grasp, descends past the ninth circle to speak with the Beast. Once there, the Beast agrees to set her people free, under the condition that she remains imprisoned there. Luna agrees, and the Beast upholds his deal, freeing the Lunarians from God's paradox - by removing them from existence. Angered at the deceipt, Luna, already imprisoned beyond the ninth circle, separates her soul and her body by tying it to her Tower, giving her a chance at freedom, so that her soul and her body may be reunited.

When Demo (or her companions) descend past the ninth circle, they find the leek in front of Luna's prison. The secret exit, however, leads to the lock on her chains. The key door you use to exit the level frees Luna and lets her escape her imprisonment. The incarnation of the Beast that Luna spoke to, and who guarded her prison, has since died, leaving her unguarded, but still chained.

That's the basic storyline of this level. I just filled in some of the events leading up to the first Luna Tower, and then continued the story with the effective resurrection of Luna herself.

Reviews Mk II

Approved. too lazy to link to twitch right now. -SAJewers | 10:40 ADT, November 24, 2015

Approved by Pyro

REJECTED - I know you've said this is a postgame difficulty, but I spent four hours trying to beat this level. It's just too long. How many circles? What were they? I don't remember. Your secret warp clues were alright, but I couldn't remember which circle I was in after dying in each circle about twelve times.
That short wall clue about the piston? That gave me grief, because I forgot the clue, so I ended up having to replay that circle over and over again until I got back to that clue again.
Also, do you realise that you inadvertently trained me to avoid all coins throughout the entire level? It's true. I played through gluttony, then famine, then greed. In all three circles, there were no coins or coins were detrimental to my progress. After those circles, I was doing stupid things to avoid coins, resulting in all sorts of unnecessary deaths.
I also cannot for the life of me figure out why the Circle of Anger is the Circle of Anger. When I read the word, anger, I thought "do not raise your hand in anger" as in do not kill any enemies. Made no difference whether I killed them or not.
I cheated to get past the Circle of Treachery, because I'd given up at that point. Each individual bit is nice, but stacked one after the other, it just stopped being fun. I haven't even got round to testing it as Iris yet and I'm just thankful you've restricted it to the two characters because I couldn't possibly spend twenty hours (four hours for each character) testing your level.
I really think you should ditch the call back to kil's Luna Tower and just use proper lunalua midpoints. If you want the luna warps, feature them in the secret exit. Which reminds me, that secret exit was almost impossible to find. I had to go look in the editor.
Ztarwuff 16:25, November 27, 2015 (UTC) <--- gameplay dump hi I'm Minnakht and I'm approving this level. Is it difficult? Yeah, sure. Is it long? Certainly. But it's definitely bearable. The luna points don't exactly work until 'on', which kind of ruins their point to me, but hey, I guess by now they're a stylistic choice as you could've gone full lua. I'd also like to say ztarwuff is an ad hominem --Minnakht (talk) 17:16, November 27, 2015 (UTC)

Reviews (Older version)

Rejected by Willhart

Rejected -Rusbojis | October 31, 2015

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 08 2015)

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