Oh dear oh my! Our friend Sir Reginald has his milk stolen by the nefarious Professor Furba! Now it is up to Demo (and/or Iris. Idunno) to dive into the Professor's evil lab to get it back! But can it be done?!?!


Download Link



Most of the custom graphics are pretty simple recolors/edits made by me. The exception being the milk sprite which is from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.


Mega Man 8: Wily Stage 1:

Mega Man 7: Wily Capsule:


Rejecting. The first half was I guess OK, but the second half felt lazy and uninteresting. Player filter should be done with LunaDLL. Level also felt too short for what you had going for it. It's just an uninteresting level. -SAJewers | 15:26 ADT, September 29, 2015

Approved by Pyro (update coming soon from Pyro)

Rejected by 8flight

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