A completely optional level inspired by the Mu Lung Dojo from the game Maplestory. (Anybody familiar with that game could've probably guessed by the music usage.)

The Lone Tower of the East


Guess what this does: Download


'Collective' stages have always been a favorite of mine when it comes to level themes, and that's basically all you need to know about my motivation for this level's general idea.

What the level was still missing however was an 'underlying theme', giving it still a sense of connection between the mini-stages instead of it just being a "no-theme-pile-of-stuff", and there are many choices for that. It started out with the idea of just being a generic tower filled to the brim with challenges, and that idea of it being filled with "challenges" eventually gave me the idea to make it a tower deliberately build to challenge travelers, which on its turn reminded me of the Mu Lung Dojo which had the exact same concept.

A whole bunch of background object editing and going by half-guessed cultural features later gives you the Tower of Trial (sorry to everyone who is actually knowledgeable about Japanese culture and has to watch how I butchered everything).

One last thing I can say is that the fact that the tower was build by an anonymous owner, and that the tower itself doesn't exactly lead anywhere once the top is reached,made me think what kind of purpose it could have in a far bigger, plot-driven project.

The answer was none, especially seeing how distant it is for the now decided plot of ASMBXT, so I decided to make the exit available right from the get go, making this level more just a bonus stage for those who want to play some more levels during- or after having beat the game itself, rather than forcing it in there.

I suppose it's also worth noting that there's hidden warps on the resting floors, look out for those.
The Lone Tower of the East2

Important Notes

The level features one exit, a SMW Goalpost.

The level starts out on a simple terrain made out of sizable block- and grass tiles and ends with the player walking on a bridge. Beating the tower itself does not grant another exit, and instead forces the player to jump down and still use the SAME SWM Goalpost.

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