We begin where our story left off:

Pandamona, having been freed from mind control, has broken out of the power-limiting box and has destroyed the reality stabilizing device. Our heroes tried to escape, but fell down a small pit, because of course they did. Only Sheath managed to make the jump and survive the relatively slow collapse of reality. Kood also made the jump, but was erased from existence shortly afterward.

Just before encountering a similar fate, Science gave Sheath the Sacred Turtle Dove in a final attempt to undo the destruction of reality. Now protected from the effects of the Post-Production Void, Sheath must journey across many hazards to find the Super Leeks necessary to restore the reality stabilizing device, and by extension, reality itself.

About the void:

The Post-Production Void is the state of being that realities go into just before collapsing into nonexistence. Key features of the Post-Production Void are its white background, multi-colored stars, and displaced tiles. The only known ways to survive the collapse of a reality are to use a sacred object, such as the Sacred Turtle Dove, to stop time and build a reality stabilizing device or to travel to another reality before the previous one's collapse. Although sacred objects can stop time only for the one in possession of the item, they can be used to interact with inanimate objects as though time were still flowing.

Post Post-Production Void:

Sheath pilots the SMB2 Rocket to a land not dissimilar from World 1 of Analog Funk, but when exiting, they see Kood and Feed talking about how "it happened again." When one of our heroes asks how Kood can still be alive after ceasing to exist, Kood explains that each reality has its own Kood, and the combined knowledge of all the Koods is equal to all knowledge ever. Also, Koods cannot truly die as long as the reality they're from still exists, but if the reality they're from collapses, said Koods will cease to exist. Whenever one Kood ceases to exist, its memories and knowledge suddenly transfer to the remaining Koods in a brief yet traumatic experience, and this is what Kood and Feed were talking about: the fact that the Kood from Analog Funk ceased to exist and this Kood went through the traumatic experience of gaining the other Kood's memories. Because of this, the new Kood joins our heroes because he knows that they are trying to stop Pandamona as well as how great a threat Pandamona is, thus bringing the total number of playable characters back up to five.

Update 10/23/15:

-Fixed a typo.

-Made some blocks invisible that were supposed to be invisible in the first place.

-Added Everyone Has A Starman Except You and Dark Side of the Sun to the map.

Update 10/25/15:

-Fixed the "invisible Furbas" issue mentioned in SAJewers's review.

-Made a few areas easier.

-Fixed a masking issue with the mini-SMB2 rocket.

Update 11/2/15:

-Cut the loading time in half.

-Super leeks now sprite-swap SMW stars. That way, they're kept track of even in death, and you can see how many you have by looking at the HUD since this will be the first level and the player won't have any other super leeks going into it.

Update 11/14/15:

-Music only consists of one file now, and won't trip YouTube's content ID.

-Added tutorial pictures for some of Sheath's lesser known moves.

-Made the Angel Girl section slightly wider.

-Added a mini-map where the giant computer is.

-Rearranged the up-stab tutorial to make it less tank-able.

-Removed a Thwomp resprite from Section 3.

-Removed the one Para-Goopa from Section 5 that gave Pyro trouble, and slightly altered it to make it a "Sheath can stab past blocks" tutorial.

Update 11/20/15:

-Added a coin trail, a ? block, and a stab-able wall to the opening screen to teach newcomers what coins are, what ? blocks do, and that Sheath can stab stuff, respectively.

-Slightly altered the positioning of the backup orange ? switch, as it required the player to down-thrust, but the player might have missed the screens that shows the player that down-thrusting is possible. Maybe I just messed up a great way to introduce down-thrusting to newcomers through the environment (didn't occur to me until just now); I may change it back later.

-Slightly altered the path to the green ? switch so that the player has to up-thrust bricks (so it's a bit safer) and can't just tank it.

-Replaced some blocks with ladders and vines.

-Instead of falling down pits, the player now travels between sections through warp pipes.

Update 11/22/15:

-Restructured the level so that it will teach newcomers about Sheath's moves through the environment alone.


If what you're going for is the first thing people see when starting Episode 2, I feel as if what you're trying to do is much better served as just a cutscene. the level itself is OK, albit some issues (like invisible Furbas), and I think could work as a mid-to-late game level. But as the first thing people see in Episode 2, the difficulty I feel precludes that.

As it stands, I can't approve this, but do consider converting it into a cutscene, and expand on it, and make it the cutscene that introduces Episode 2. Though, I you'll probably have to change some plot elements in "Post Post-production void", since I don't think since I don't think World 1 will be the same between episodes (If possible, I'd like for World 1 to not be the generic graslands). -SAJewers | 22:44 ADT, October 24, 2015

OK, this is better, but:

  • Progress really should be saved between deaths. This shouldn't be hard to do in lua.
  • Speaking of progress, add something to the hud to denote progress.
  • Try to cut down on the loading times.Use Lunadll to freeze the enemies instead of custom graphics for everything. The cutscene at the beginning can probably be done in lua as well.
  • Use SDL2's OGG looping instead of 2 files.
  • You forgot the super leek in the postgame world.

Fix those, and I'll probably change my vote to approved. -SAJewers | 21:19 ADT, October 31, 2015

APPROVED. - WestonSmith (November 07 2015)

Rejected by Pyro, however, after an update, changing verdict to Approved

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