The Subterranean Base

This stage starts as a somewhat normal cave stage, decorated with pillars and blue walls, but after the midpoint, the player will reach the base. There, they must enter different rooms in search of the four switch blocks. Once all four switch blocks are toggled, the path to the goal is opened. Four mushrooms are supplied to the player at the midpoint, as no power-ups will be found in the branching paths of the castle, but the player will return to the central "hub" part repeatedly. Each room contains interesting commentary (and even some level-related secrets) from the staff of the Base in the form of sign posts. This stage contains two leeks.


  • Main level: "Rocky Road" - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  • Airship Hangar: "Cid's Theme" - Final Fantasy VII
  • Explosives Depot: "Sausage Steelworks" - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  • Employee Break Room: "Underground Mozart" - Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
  • Secret room: "Where the Ancestors Sleep" - Xenoblade Chronicles

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Levels by GenoWhirled


Approved with changes: Maybe this is just me being stupid, but I was really confused when the sign told me to "JUMP!!!" My first interpretation of that was to JUMP in the pit as it would take me to another room or something. Obviously, that wasn't the case. Especially considering that part is so close to the midpoint, please make it more clear what you mean by "jump" somehow. Coins around the invisible block, making the sign say "JUMP UP HERE YO!!!"; anything, really. Other than that, I'm not a big fan of the 4 switches gimmick for the second part as I think it's pretty overdone and kinda hard to do in a way that's fun. The rooms are short enough where it's not a huge problem, so that's your call there. I think you definitely need to change the room where "Underground Mozart" plays, as it's kinda just an area that had no significant real challenge other than being forced to take a hit and wait for all the enemies to leave. Also, if the player jumps up in that little crevice in the bomb room where Demo is supposed to return to the first part of the room (without using the bomb to blow up the gravel, it's possible for Demo to get stuck there forever. Just take out the gravel and this is fixed. ~Cjn14 (July 9)

The link at the moment is apparently broken, so I won't be able to judge it until it's fixed.

-sturgyman 5:11 AM 9/4/2013 (MDT)

Cool, it's fixed. 

While there is a lot of cut-off seen in the 1st section, it doesn't really distract from the gameplay as it is pretty fun. I also like the 2nd half as it was kind of creative how you hid the green switch. The secret exit is kind of easy to miss, but that's okay. There were also no spelling errors that I could see. 
It also seems you have updated this and fixed all of the issues that Cjn14 pointed out.Just note that the cut-off will most likely be fixed through the final stages of production.
Approved and moved. -sturgyman 8:06 PM 9/12/2013 (MDT)