My attempt at doing something unique with the warp potions.

Version History

v2 - 20th January 2015

Enacted Voltgloss's suggestions to prevent cheesing in Sections 4/11 and 5/12.

v1 - 27th September 2014

Released for review.

Reviews (Ep2)

I really liked this puzzle level. Only complaints are minor:

  • Use OGG Vorbis, not MP3 for music
  • fill in your ID3 tags for the custom music
  • add an indicator for the final room that you're supposed to fall down the hole. Some people might think it's a trap/death pit.

Approved, but at least make those first two changes. -SAJewers | 00:04 ADT, November 5, 2015

Approved by Pyro

Approved By 8flight

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