Thou Starts A New Video

oh man dyin a lot

Level Info
Author Hoeloe
Theme Gauntlet, Luna Tower
Main Exit Leek
Secret Exit Leek
Additional Info
Leeks 2
RaoCoins No
Restrictions: LunaDLL forcing big Demo with no mount
Status: Hanging out


Because just one Luna Tower level per game isn't enough. Demo goes on a treasure hunt in one of the many hidden branches of Luna Tower!  The level name should be a decent clue for Raocow.

Things I should do

- Make Uncle Broadsword sound more like himself.

- Finish the secret custom boss.

- Add a midpoint to before the boss.

Known bugs 

- Sometimes when re-entering the bubbleskullsnake room, one of the skulls will go out of sync. Can't really be fixed for now. It's a quirk with the custom collision detection system being active in the Sangrelis room but not the connecting room..

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