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Uncle @sbestos (full name Eugene Horatio @sbestos) is one of the uncles of Demo, Iris and their siblings. He, along with his brother-in-laws, will serve as an antagonist in Episode 2.


Uncle @sbestos is the only space demon that married into the family, and thus doesn't have a blood connection with the other Uncles.


Uncle @sbestos is an amicable but timid space demon who looks up to his brother-in-laws and constantly seeks their approval. He is somewhat of a pushover, having developed a low self-esteem due to frequent faint praise, pity, disappointment, and contempt from the other uncles, especially Uncle Rewind.

@sbestos often finds pleasure in mundane things and is extremely passionate about doing paperwork, and as a result of his meticulous and thorough research he often finds the best deals when shopping online.


@sbestos' primary power is to inflate himself like a balloon to scare away predators. He also has limited magic power but rarely uses it for anything other that parlor tricks, usually opting to hire bodyguards and mercenaries when he needs the protection or muscle.

Important Relationships


When she was younger Demo was entertained by Uncle @sbestos' magic and inflation, but nowadays she just finds him boring.


When she was younger Iris was threatened by @sbestos' inflation, but now she just finds him annoying. @sbestos finds this incredibly demoralizing.

Uncle Broadsword

While Broadsword doesn't think much of @sbestos, he generally takes pity on his brother-in-law and tries to humor his attempts to bond with the other Uncles, which @sbestos appreciates. He also used to take @sbestos with him on adventures but stopped doing so after having to rescue @sbestos from improbable peril on several occasions.

Uncle Rewind

Uncle Rewind considers @sbestos a disgrace and makes no attempt to hide his disdain, being a frequent source of verbal abuse and often sends @sbestos out on meaningless fool's errands just to have more time away from him. In spite of this, @sbestos puts up with the abuse and remains determined to prove himself to Rewind.

Uncle Pumpernickel

Like Uncle Rewind, Pumpernickel has absolutely zero respect for @sbestos but he chooses to express his disappointment in a more subtle manner, opting for backhanded compliments and passive aggressive insults.

Uncle Denmark

Uncle Denmark considers @sbestos pitiful, but the two occasionally bond over their shared interest in boring things. While @sbestos is open about his fondness of all things bland, however, Denmark is embarrassed and ashamed by it, considering it a guilty pleasure; this strains their relationship, much to @sbestos' dismay.




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