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This article contains spoilers about an upcoming episode. Try not to ruin too much of the story for yourself; you'll make Kood sad, and we don't want his tears staining the carpet.

Uncle Denmark (full name Robert Denmark) is one of the uncles of Demo, Iris and their siblings. He, along with his brothers, will serve as an antagonist in Episode 2.


After helping Broadsword with his get-rich-quick schemes in their youth, Denmark settled down and founded a highly successful beachside hotel resort; one could argue that he never truly gave up his life of crime given the exorbitant prices of the monogrammed towels and Eau de N'mark he sells in the gift shop.


Uncle Denmark is usually calm and carefree, preferring to go with the flow, but get him near any kind of festivity and he becomes an absolute party animal who enjoys being the center of attention. He takes great pride in his swimming abilities and goes to great lengths to show them off, going so far as to will himself hydrokinetic powers so he's always ready to show people his moves.

Denmark also has numerous secret hobbies that he takes extremely seriously, including collecting marbles, painting porcelain pigs, and watching paint dry on said pigs and various other surfaces.


In addition to his top-notch swimming abilities, Denmark is able to compress his body like a spring and boasts hydrokinetic powers he developed through sheer force of will. He is also a shrewd salesperson who never hesitates to slip in a bit of self-promotion when he sees an opportunity for it.

Important Relationships


While he tries to maintain a professional adversarial relationship with Demo, Denmark enjoys her company and hopes she enjoys her time in the resort. Especially the gift shop.


Like Demo, Denmark likes the cut of Iris' jib almost as much as the fantastic price cuts she can take advantage of at the resort gift shop.

Uncle Broadsword

Uncle Denmark and Uncle Broadsword were partners in crime back in their wilder days and were generally good pals, but the two have since drifted apart. Denmark still respects Broadsword to a degree and offers him discounts at the gift shop, but nowadays he goes along with any of his brother's schemes less out of friendly or family obligation and more because he's interested (and invested) in the results.

Uncle Rewind

Denmark isn't fond of how serious Rewind is all the time, but he respects his cunning and often comes to him for a second opinion on business decisions. If only the guy would actually buy something...

Uncle Pumpernickel

Denmark respects both Pumpernickel's organizational skills and his seemingly otherworldly resistance to the gift shop's amazing deals. Like, seriously.

Uncle @sbestos

Uncle Denmark considers @sbestos pitiful, but the two occasionally bond over their shared interest in boring things. While @sbestos is open about his fondness of all things bland, however, Denmark is embarrassed and ashamed by it, considering it a guilty pleasure; this strains their relationship, much to @sbestos' dismay.




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