SpoilerTartle "...Am I really the only one who cares about knowing what's going on?"

This article contains spoilers about an upcoming episode. Try not to ruin too much of the story for yourself; you'll make Kood sad, and we don't want his tears staining the carpet.

Uncle Pumpernickle is one of the uncles of Demo, Iris and their siblings. He, along with his brothers, will serve as an antagonist in Episode 2.


Probably the most alien of the uncles, nobody really knows what's up with this guy.


Pumpernickel displays a fairly jovial and understanding attitude, but can be stern when necessary.


While his full powers are unknown, Pumpernickel is oddly charismatic for a weird eyeball turtle thing.

Important Relationships

Demo and Iris

Uncle Broadsword

Uncle Rewind

Uncle Denmark

Uncle @sbestos




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