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This article contains spoilers about an upcoming episode. Try not to ruin too much of the story for yourself; you'll make Kood sad, and we don't want his tears staining the carpet.

Uncle Rewind (full name Rolex Regulus Rewind) is one of the uncles of Iris, Demo and her siblings. He, along with his brothers, will serve as an antagonist in Episode 2.




Rewind is slow and ponderous; he is a very meticulous and precise thinker, preferring to take his time with everything... which is kind of a given when one has all the time in the world.


Rewind's clockwork body does not lend itself well to mobility. His time manipulation powers, however, allow him to travel any distance he wants within any perceived timespan; as such, the uninformed may mistake a casual stroll of his for a bout of teleportation. He can also manipulate others' personal timestreams to a limited extent.

In addition to his power over time, Rewind possesses a calculating intellect and is fairly tech-savvy.

Important Relationships

Uncle Broadsword

Rewind resents Broadsword's brash and and boisterous behavior as well as his attachment to Demo and Iris but puts up with it due to a sense of familial obligation.

Uncle @sbestos

Rewind holds nothing but contempt for his brother-in-law and makes no attempt to hide it.

Uncle Pumpernickle

Rewind holds Pumpernickle to a higher regard than his other brothers.

Uncle Denmark

Rewind is not fond of Denmark's habit of slacking off, but still finds him largely tolerable and decently dependable in some matters. As such, he makes sure to curry favor with Denmark by using his time powers to give Denmark predictive business advice for his resort.




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