A level that sends you to one of three random sublevels (in both halves).

It has 1 exit (SMB3 Card exit) and no Dragon coins


I approve this level


Fairly difficult level here, but nothing too horrible. Though, there are some slightly unfair portions/rooms that I would probably fix. 

Outside Portion

  • Looks neat, nothing I would change here. Though I find it strange how the skeletons are much slower than usual.

Desert Room

  • Probably the easiest room of the level. You can easily rush this part and speed past the fireballs. The quicksand is pretty hard to get out of though, but that's SMBX's fault. Just don't fall in the quicksand and you're alright.

Bonus Smashing Room

  • While at first this room is pretty simple, it's that very last portion with the multiple smashers. This part is pretty unfair for people playing it for the 1st time and and very tricky. I have only completed it once, and that was after multiple tries and a bit of luck. I'd change that last bit to be a bit more friendly.

Blue Conveyor Room

  • This room is kind of cheap. The never-ending blue koopa spawn can be a real pain to manage, not to mention that there can be three generators active at the same time. While I appreciate placing the mushroom in the middle, I'd redo the section with the three bullet shooters. At least make the conveyor shorter, since it's just going up and down it's really easy to get hit by a homing koopa and the more time you spend in this area the more likely you'll get hit. 

Triple Lakitu Room

  • Hardest room right here. I still haven't been able to complete it. You really need to rush this level in order to not get caught up by the multiple lakitus throwing caterpillars at you, but this room has some really tight and unfair platforming. You'll either die by the relentless lakitu barrage, getting mixed up in the platforming, or die easily from the several enemies spammed throughout the room; it's really easy to die in this section. I also thought it was kind of mean to place a poison mushroom block in this section, but that would be the last thing I'd recommend of removing. I'd either place a mushroom in the middle of this section, or ease up on the enemy placement to make platforming easier (especially near the end). Right now it's pretty unfair.

Castle Room

  • Nothing I'd really change here. Though there's one particular part with two consecutive double atomic waffle blocks that are kind of tricky/unfair to figure out. Other than that this room is alright.

Koopa Spam Room

  • Pretty simple room. Though there's a pretty cheap part in which you have to climb up some ledges right after the third barrage of koopas. It's easy to get hit here since you're not moving away from the koopas but instead jumping upward. But yeah, easiest room of this set. 

I'm more uptight about the difficulty of each room since the chance of the player going to the same room each time they die is random, so they probably won't be able to try it again until later and won't be familiar with each room's setup without multiple playthroughs. Fix the slightly unfair parts and I'll accept it.

-sturgyman 1:04 AM 7/24/2013 (MDT)

Review in Motion -Holy

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