Valtteri's Fortstress: Overused Graphics Edition is a huge level that takes place in SMBX community. There's only one leek. The level is restricted to Demo or Iris only.


You start outside Valtteri's castle, and you've got to save some people. Not going to spoil everything, so go play the level!


The level has three bosses. The first one is pretty simple and the two last ones have two phases each. They're really easy, though.



My biggest concern with this level is that it seems to be about an admin/mod from the SMBX community (Valtteri), from the perspective of someone who is upset over having been banned by Valtteri (level introduces the setting as the SMBX community, Valterri is the enemy boss, and there is a hall of statues listing people banned by Valtteri, including the level author). I don't know if there is some story or joke behind this that I'm missing, but at least from an outside perspective it just feels awkward and bitter. Also, the hall of statues has someone banned for pedophilia who asks you your age, which probably doesn't really belong in the game.

There is a sign in the level noting that the boss can cause lag on older systems. This happened with me and it was bad enough I couldn't finish the boss, so I can't really comment on that, other than the boss fight being part of the awkward story. The banana snake mini-boss, on the other hand, was pretty amusing.

I thought the level was fine before the story started. Visually it looks good (I'm not sure what the "Overused Graphics Edition" in the link refers to, but it didn't seem to have an impact on the design), the music works well, and there were some interesting challenges. The first jump in the vertical ascent with the helicopter block where there are two roto discs at once is pretty tricky, especially if you are big, although if you are big you can tank the hit and pass it easily.

That room is the most challenging part of the level, but it isn't too long. I think the roto discs don't spawn before the center is on screen, though, which can cause problems with the helicopter block. There are times when the jump up to the next platform looks perfectly safe, but after you jump, a roto disc spawns and starts spinning into the area that looked empty before. It is short enough that after you get ambushed once it should be easy to remember and avoid the next time, at least. Also, there is one point where there are two steps on the left wall where you can stand to jump up to the next part, and both look like they should be safe before you jump up to them. If you land on the higher step, though, a roto disc spawns in a place where it will hit you where you are big and there doesn't seem to be much you can reasonably do to avoid it. If you are small, both steps are safe.

There appears to be an alternate path before going into the vertical ascent room, but I never took it since I got a midpoint before the boss in the other path and then gave up due to lag. I'll try again later to see if the boss works better, or else just restart and go down the other path.

Overall, I'd say this level would be fine if it just cut out the whole Valterri gimmick and ended after the platforming part without any of the hall of statues stuff or Valtteri's battleship sections (the boss doesn't need to be there either). I would probably change a couple minor things in the vertical ascent room, but even as is I think that part would have a place in the game. With the whole story part tacked on, though, I question whether A2XT is the place for that.


I have to agree, it looks nice, the plot contained therein makes it all but unusable for A2XT. Because of that, I'm gonna have to reject it. It got remade where there no plot like that (or the plot was significantly changed). -SAJewers | 22:19 ADT, September 21, 2015

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